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  1. Water Play Pumping Station
    Water Play Pumping Station
    Product Code: 75560
    Price $1,099.89 $999.90

    The board is made from commercial grade HDPE and the frame and channels are aluminium, so this clever outdoor water play system is water and rust proof! Place the hangers in the slots to create a different flow each time. The super strong pump and the clear tubing is included (but not the bucket). Measures 120cmL x 50cmW x 80cmH.

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  2. Sand Mover Digger
    Sand Mover Digger
    Product Code: 75178
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    The Sand Mover Digger is a high quality, strong and durable sand toy that can roll and dig, and makes interesting tracks in the sand. Measures 23cmL x 13cmH x13.5cmW.

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  3. STEM Wall Pipes Kit 119pcs
    STEM Wall Pipes Kit 119pcs
    Product Code: 35029
    Price $604.89 $549.90

    Using the Pipe Builder’s Kit with the STEM Wall (STEM Wall is not included), children can make interesting routes for a ball or water to flow through. The set comprises of 119 pieces including clear ridged tubes and white plastic connectors at 90 and 135 degrees, as well as ‘T’ connectors providing opportunities for numerous whacky routes. There are 5 colourful balls and a variety of plastic pouring jugs and funnels to enable water play too. Components are connected to the STEM Wall using fixing bands and screws. There are 2 large valves to stop the water flow mid-way through a system and a tap - that can be either on or off. Children will be able to see water backing up to the valve (if switched off) and then allow it to flow through when they want too. There are some long flexible tubes too, which form an excellent uninterrupted route for the balls which can be connected by clear ridged tubing. All parts made of water and UV resistant materials are resistant to fading and cracking from the sun. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. Ages 3yrs+.

    Use with the Mobile STEM Walls (#35020 & #35021) and the STEM Wall Panel (#35024).

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  4. AquaPlay Container Port Set
    AquaPlay Container Port Set
    Product Code: 75341
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    Hours of fun are guaranteed with the AquaPlay Container Port Set. Children will love playing with the large port basin and the loading freight crane. The mobile crane operates using the rotary control to move the hook up and down or push the crane cab across the gantry width.

    This large AquaPlay set includes a canal system with port basin, access ramp, a large gantry crane, a crank handle to generate a current, a container boat with removable container with opening door, an amphibious container truck and the two play figures Bo the Bear and Wilma the Hippo. Together with their two friends, children can learn about water through play, discovering how currents are created, what makes water change direction, and how boats float. The set will also teach them how to coordinate simple processes such as the loading and unloading of containers and manually raising and lowering the crane arm.

    When assembled the set measures 104cmL x 90cmW x 25cmH.

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  5. Giant Tug Boats 2pcs
    Giant Tug Boats 2pcs
    Product Code: 96926
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    Made in Austria these tugboats are both durable and lightweight. They're easy to navigate, even with a full load. Each boat measures 30cm long. Colours may vary.

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  6. Sand Blob Funnel
    Sand Blob Funnel
    Product Code: 75044
    Price $14.19 $12.90

    Drip sand mixed with water (blob mix) through this specially shaped funnel to make sand blobs. Use with sand moulds and other sand tools as a starting point for your blob embellishments. Build blob walls and shapes. Measures 24cmH. Ages 3yrs+.

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