Spades, Rakes and Scoops
Children will develop important skills using our wide range of tools for the sandpit and garden. Spades, shovels and rakes of all sizes, scoops and hand diggers. Browse now or buy from our other sand play categories.

Spades, Rakes and Scoops

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  1. Planting Spades 28cm Set of 2
    Planting Spades 28cm Set of 2
    Product Code: 96915
    Save 16%
    Regular Price $13.09 Special Price $10.95 $9.95

    Two quality Austrian made garden spades each 28cm in length. Designed with the vegie patch in mind with their sleek lines making it easy to use planting your seedlings. Colours may vary.

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  2. Hand Diggers 4pcs
    Hand Diggers 4pcs
    Product Code: 75185
    Price $27.39 $24.90

    Each digger measures 20cmL.

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  3. Sand Scoops 4pcs
    Sand Scoops 4pcs
    Product Code: 96914
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $21.78 Special Price $17.44 $15.85
    Quality made sand scoops each 15cmL. Learn More
  4. Blue Sand Driller
    Blue Sand Driller
    Product Code: 75085
    Price $17.49 $15.90
    Turn, turn, turn. If you drill deep enough, you may find water. A great resource for the mud patch, garden, or beach. Made of plastic. Measures 43cmL. Learn More
  5. Half Scoop 23.5cm
    Half Scoop 23.5cm
    Product Code: 75083
    Price $4.35 $3.95
    Colours may vary. Made of plastic. Measures 23.5cmL. Ages 2yrs+. Learn More
  6. Sand Spade 27cm
    Sand Spade 27cm
    Product Code: 75036
    Price $4.29 $3.90
  7. Sand Spade 18cm
    Sand Spade 18cm
    Product Code: 75035
    Price $3.19 $2.90
    Colours and design may vary. Measures 18cmL. Ages 2yrs+. Learn More
  8. Sand Rake 24cm
    Sand Rake 24cm
    Product Code: 75040
    Price $3.85 $3.50
    Small hand sand rake measuring 24cm in length. Learn More
  9. Sand Tuff Tuff Shovel 39cm
    Sand Tuff Tuff Shovel 39cm
    Product Code: 75031
    Price $7.65 $6.95
    Super tough spade made in Denmark to use in sand or the garden. Learn More
  10. Rain Scoop Red
    Rain Scoop Red
    Product Code: 75081
    Price $5.45 $4.95
    A perfect resource for children playing and experimenting with both water and sand in the playground or garden. Measures 24cm L. Made of plastic. Learn More
  11. Sand Scoop 23cm
    Sand Scoop 23cm
    Product Code: 75080
    Price $5.45 $4.95
  12. Sand Claw 19.5cm
    Sand Claw 19.5cm
    Product Code: 75082
    Price $4.35 $3.95
    Colours may vary. Made of plastic. Measures 19.5cmL. Ages 2yrs+. Learn More
  13. Sand Mover
    Sand Mover
    Product Code: 75177
    Price $10.45 $9.50

    22cm L x 20cm W x 10cm H.

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  14. Plasto Two Handed Spade
    Plasto Two Handed Spade
    Product Code: 75033
    Price $15.29 $13.90

    A serious sand spade for the serious digger. Made in Finland. 58cm L.

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