Toddler Construction Sets
This category covers construction sets suitable for toddler use. They are easy to handle and build with. These open-ended sets allow children to create organically. They are soft or soft-edged and lightweight. Edu-21's great range includes sets made of foam, timber, rubber, silicone and plastic. Buy from our great selection now!

Toddler Construction Sets

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  1. Discovery Building Blocks in Calico bag 30pcs
    Discovery Building Blocks in Calico bag 30pcs
    Product Code: 35129
    Price $54.89 $49.90
    These building blocks will invite thinking about structures. Includes 30 natural and coloured blocks in a calico bag. The largest block measures 8cm x 4cm. Learn More
  2. Wooden Magnetic Blocks 30pcs
    Wooden Magnetic Blocks 30pcs
    Product Code: 40211
    Price $87.89 $79.90

    Encouraging imaginative play through design and construction, these magnetic blocks also teach children about magnets. Within the set are 30 wooden pieces in 6 shapes. Designed for hours of open-ended play while introducing early math concepts, promoting the development of motor skills and problem-solving skills as they experiment with constructing, knocking down and constructing again. The magnets are covered by wood giving a clean and natural look to each block. Ages 3+.

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  3. Light and Colour Blocks 48pcs
    Light and Colour Blocks 48pcs
    Product Code: 99018
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    Regular Price $153.78 Special Price $120.89 $109.90

    Explore the world of light and colour with these beautiful wooden-framed translucent colour blocks. A great addition to the blockplay area. The rectangular block measures 10cmL x 5cmH. Blocks are stored in two handy calico bag. Colours may vary. Ages 3yrs+.

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  4. Large Transport Plug 'N' Link Set 36pcs
    Large Transport Plug 'N' Link Set 36pcs
    Product Code: 36265
    Price $30.25 $27.50
    Large grip transport pieces in 4 colours and 3 shapes. Develop motor skills and learn sequencing. Each piece measures 8cm L x 4cm W. Learn More
  5. Wooden Pattern Building Blocks 50pcs
    Wooden Pattern Building Blocks 50pcs
    Product Code: 40036
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    Regular Price $54.89 Special Price $43.89 $39.90

    A beautiful and colourful addition to the block play area, these blocks help children develop hand eye coordination and early math and engineering skills through hands on learning. They learn better with tactile and visually interesting objects and learn how heavy the blocks are when stacking and building. Blocks teach spatial awareness, improve fine motor skills, enhance logical thinking while demonstrating cause and effect. The large rectangular block measures 13cmL x 3cm x 4cm.

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  6. Super Blocks 300pcs
    Super Blocks 300pcs
    Product Code: 41154
    Price $120.89 $109.90
    Extremely versatile blocks with 9 different components in bright colours. Includes wheels to build vehicles. Examples of models to build and didactic guide is included. The largest block measure 9cm L. Ages 3-6 years. Learn More
  7. Magnetic Junior Blocks 12pcs
    Magnetic Junior Blocks 12pcs
    Product Code: 40210
    Price $45.65 $41.50
    Magnetic wooden blocks for the first-time builder. As co-ordination improves, so does the sophistication of the constructions. The orange base measures 7cm in diameter. Learn More
  8. Sakol Velcro Construction 50pcs
    Sakol Velcro Construction 50pcs
    Product Code: 40185
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    Velcro offers a new way of constructing. Develop new perceptions by sense of touch, with eyes open then shut, left hand then right hand. Learn More
  9. Jumbo Connect-a-Cube 50pcs
    Jumbo Connect-a-Cube 50pcs
    Product Code: 40220
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    Regular Price $60.39 Special Price $48.29 $43.90
    Use to develop counting, sorting, sequencing, graphing, patterning, measuring and basic mathematic operations. Connectable at six sides and rotate to develop spacial awareness, creativity, problem solving, and fine motor skills. Comes with storage tub. Ages 3+. Learn More

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