Domino, Dice, Bingo and Lotto Games
Domino, bingo and dice games are ideal for kids to play, because the rules are simple. Younger children can benefit from playing too as they learn to count, recognize patterns, shapes, colors, numbers, letters and words.

Domino, Dice, Bingo and Lotto Games

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  1. 5 Senses Lotto Game
    5 Senses Lotto Game
    Product Code: 50545
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    A classic lotto game teaching how we use each of our 5 senses. Includes 4 game boards and 24 matchiing cards. Develops the ability to differentiate and match cards to boards illustrating how we use each of our 5 senses. Complete game play instructions included and instructions how to play a game of concentration as well. For ages 3-6yrs.

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  2. Jumbo Tactile Number Dice 3pcs
    Jumbo Tactile Number Dice 3pcs
    Product Code: 65762
    Price $16.45 $14.95
    Natural timber dice with the number dots drilled for tactile play. These large 5cm x 5cm dice are stored in a calico bag. Learn More
  3. Easy Words to Sound Bingo
    Easy Words to Sound Bingo
    Product Code: 25821
    Price $43.89 $39.90

    Easy Words to Sound Bingo is ideal for children who are learning that single sounds can be blended together to form simple three or four letter phonetic words. The game is self-correcting and can be played without adult supervision by 3-10 children. All cards are laminated and printed on both sides. This creates a checking system for the players to ensure that all words and pictures are correctly matched. Detailed teachers notes are printed on the plastic storage jacket. Easy Words to School Bingo contains: 9 baseboards 16cm x 19cm, 40 master cards 8cm x 14cm and 81 bingo cards 5cm x 6cm. Ages 5+.

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  4. Beat the Frog Rhyming Words Bingo
    Beat the Frog Rhyming Words Bingo
    Product Code: 25758
    Price $32.89 $29.90
    Simple phonetic words have been used for this delightful rhyming game. Ideal for early readers, Beat The Frog is based on 104 words from the following families - ap, at, ell, en, ing, ip, ock, og, op, ug. Who can complete their board first? One of the three players or the frog? Who will win the game? Played in the same manner as traditional lotto. Contents include: 4 durable, wipe-clean mats measuring 25cm x 33.5cm, and 81 durable playing cards. Learn More
  5. Beat the Tiger Double Sounds Bingo
    Beat the Tiger Double Sounds Bingo
    Product Code: 25757
    Price $32.89 $29.90
    Beat The Tiger is played in a similar manner to traditional Bingo. There will be lots of fun and excitement as the team of three children select one card at a time from the top of the deck. If a player picks up a card that matches a common double sound on his/her board, it may be placed in the correct position. Be careful! Each time a piece of the tiger is turned over, it must be put on the tiger's board! Once the picture of the tiger has been completed, it has won the game. The next player to successfully complete his/her board comes second, and so on. Beat The Tiger will provide a delightful way for beginner readers to reinforce their recognition of common double sounds: ai, ar, a-e, ea, ee, i-e, ir, oo, ow, ur. Contents include: 4 durable, wipe-clean mats measuring 25cm x 33.5cm, and 81 durable playing cards. Learn More
  6. The Symbols Game
    The Symbols Game
    Product Code: 50541
    Price $54.89 $49.90

    A new indigenous game designed and produced in Australia. Collect the symbols cards as you follow the walking track back to the main camp. Learn to recognise common Aboriginal art symbols as you play! Simple and easy to play for 2 players, ages 4-8 years. Game includes a hand painted felt playing board that turns into a storage pouch for the playing stones, hand painted playing stones, 2 sets of symbols cards, instruction and information card, illustrated dice and an Aboriginal art designed fabric storage bag.

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  7. Three Animal Domino Sets
    Three Animal Domino Sets
    Product Code: 99795
    Price $42.68 $38.80
    These three domino sets are made from ply and are screen-printed with a selection of Australian animals, aquatic animals and farm animals and stored in wooden boxes with sliding lids. Learn More
  8. Aquatic Animals Dominoes
    Aquatic Animals Dominoes
    Product Code: 50290
    Price $14.25 $12.95
    Made of screen-printed ply depicting a variety of marine animals. Learn More
  9. Bingo Number Cage, Cards and Balls
    Bingo Number Cage, Cards and Balls
    Product Code: 51116
    Price $54.89 $49.90
    Includes everything necessary to play the game. Contains a high quality bingo cage, bingo cards, 18 bingo chips and bingo balls numbered 1 to 75. The metal cage is vinyl coated for extra durability. The cage measures approximately 20cm high. Great fun for everyone. Ages 6-99. Learn More
  10. Turtle Trot Game
    Turtle Trot Game
    Product Code: 50505
    Price $26.29 $23.90
    Take turns to trot around the game mat collecting cards as you go! Any card that is a correct match for your lotto board may be kept... if it does not match, return it to the bottom of the card pack. Who will be the first to complete their board? Turtle Trot contains two exciting lotto games for four players and includes a wipe clean mat measuring 33.5cm x 50cm, 52 laminated answer cards, 4 x double-sided laminated lotto boards (33.5cm x 25cm) dice and movers. Learn More
  11. Wooden Number Dot Dominoes Classpack 168pcs
    Wooden Number Dot Dominoes Classpack 168pcs
    Product Code: 50305
    Price $54.51 $49.55

    Made from high-quality sustainable wood in beautiful carved pattern. Ideal
    for all classroom activities such as subitising – the instant recognition of
    the number of dots (or objects) in a small group, without counting (as
    with dominoes). In a sturdy PET jar. 168 pieces in 6 colours.

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  12. Colour Cars Dominoes
    Colour Cars Dominoes
    Product Code: 50647
    Price $59.29 $53.90
    Colour Cars Dominoes takes the traditional dominoes game format and doubles up the uses by providing colour and counting options. Suitable for 2 to 4 players. Contains 28 dominoes each measuring 7.5cm x 10cm. Learn More
  13. Zippy
    Product Code: 50753
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    Only the quickest minds will survive this fast paced, brain-busting strategy dice game! Roll the dice and combine them to make the target number, using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Ages 8+. Learn More
  14. Think Twice
    Think Twice
    Product Code: 50752
    Price $13.75 $12.50
    It's a dice rolling frenzy in this fast and fun game! Roll the dice, but you had better think twice before you roll 'em again! Are you willing to risk everything to increase your score? Ages 8+. Learn More
  15. Chekov
    Product Code: 50751
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    Chekov, pronounced check off, is a game of both luck and strategy. Roll the dice and pick two to form a two-digit number. Then circle on the score pad. It may sound simple, but do you have what it takes to cleverly select the best numbers to circle, while blocking out your opponent? Ages 8yrs+. Learn More
  16. Goose Eggs Game
    Goose Eggs Game
    Product Code: 65136
    Price $60.39 $54.90
    Learn multiplication the fun way. Each player multiplies with the jumbo 10-sided dice. Select a number board 2-9, then roll the dice to see if you can survive the first one minute round of play. Roll too many goose eggs and you are egged right out of the game. Ideal for practicing times tables. Contains 8 plastic number boards, 4 ten sided dice, 100 plastic chips & 1 sand timer. Ages 8+. Learn More
  17. Spots Galore
    Spots Galore
    Product Code: 65352
    Price $26.95 $24.50
    Choose your favourite animal board, spin the wheel and select the correct spot. But be careful. It must be identical in both colour and size to the spot you wish to cover on your board. Spots Galore is the perfect game for young children who are developing skills of size and discrimination. The four colourful boards are designed to give many years of fun - simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Includes 4 boards 25cm x 34cm, 1 spinner and 24 counters. Ages 4+. Learn More
  18. Traffic 3D Dominoes
    Traffic 3D Dominoes
    Product Code: 50645
    Price $32.89 $29.90
    By giving a three dimensional perspective to the traditional domino game, children will love to play by matching the colours between the front and rear of the vehicles while creating an interesting road network. Learn More
  19. Eco Dominoes 48pcs
    Eco Dominoes 48pcs
    Product Code: 69957
    Price $21.95 $19.95
    An exciting game to make children aware of environmental issues and how people can effect change. As children match the positive and negative puzzle pieces, they learn about the eco system and explore water, energy and waste cycles. Cause and effect are examined. Contains 48 giant self-correcting dominoes and teachers notes. Ages 3-6+ years. Learn More
  20. Geobingo Game
    Geobingo Game
    Product Code: 50555
    Price $36.19 $32.90
    Make geography fun with this twist on the classic bingo game. The goal is to get 5 countries in a row in any direction. Includes 8 bingo boards, 50 country cards and wooden bingo chips. Boards measure 27cm x 20cm. Learn More
  21. Matching Expressions 28pcs
    Matching Expressions 28pcs
    Product Code: 20326
    Price $29.59 $26.90
    Excellent lotto-style game consisting of 4 game boards each with 6 different expressions and 24 matching expression tiles. Screen printed on plywood. Learn More
  22. Short Vowel Match-Ups
    Short Vowel Match-Ups
    Product Code: 25817
    Price $38.39 $34.90
    Short Vowel Match-Ups will provide an excellent opportunity for a quiet individual or small group activity. Each of the twenty dominoes have been die cut into three self correcting pieces, ensuring that the children are matching each of the 60 pictures to the correct sound. All answers for the same sound are inter-changeable. The dominoes each measure 8cm x 19cm and are easily wiped clean. Complete with teachers notes in a strong plastic container, 22.5cm x 15.5cm x 8cm. All short vowels are shown as both the beginning and in the middle of words. Learn More
  23. Dinosaur Dominoes
    Dinosaur Dominoes
    Product Code: 50294
    Price $14.25 $12.95
    Dominoes for dinophiles. A selection of recognizable dinosaurs screenprinted on ply tiles and stored in a wooden box. Learn More
  24. African Animal Dominoes
    African Animal Dominoes
    Product Code: 50291
    Price $14.25 $12.95
    28 African animal timber domino tiles in a variety of combinations stored in a wooden box. Learn More
  25. Aussie Animals Dominoes
    Aussie Animals Dominoes
    Product Code: 50288
    Price $14.25 $12.95
    Seven favourite Aussie animals in various combinations make this game of dominoes a must have for the classroom. 28 quality timber tiles screenprinted and stored in a wooden box with sliding lid. Learn More

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