Maracas, Tone Blocks, Castanets and Claves
Shakers, clappers, hand and egg maracas and finger castanets. These are the go to for early percussionists.

Maracas, Tone Blocks, Castanets and Claves

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  1. Animal Hand Clapper
    Animal Hand Clapper
    Product Code: 30229
    Price $6.55 $5.95
    Colourful wooden clapper in 3 designs measuring 14.5cm long. Learn More
  2. Finger Castanets 2pcs
    Finger Castanets 2pcs
    Product Code: 30015
    Price $8.75 $7.95
    Two round finger castanets each measuring 8cm in diameter. Learn More
  3. Small Wooden Painted Maraca 15cmL.
    Small Wooden Painted Maraca 15cmL.
    Product Code: 30217
    Price $6.55 $5.95
    Beautiful wooden maracas. Available in 4 designs and measuring 15cm L. Learn More
  4. Medium Maracas 2pcs
    Medium Maracas 2pcs
    Product Code: 30216
    Price $16.39 $14.90
    A pair of bright, hand-painted wooden maracas to compliment your percussion section. 20cmL. Learn More
  5. Clap Sticks Hand Painted 30cmL 2pcs
    Clap Sticks Hand Painted 30cmL 2pcs
    Product Code: 30302
    Price $54.89 $49.90
    Clap Sticks are the traditional percussion instrument of all Aboriginal people, providing rhythmic accompaniment for song and dance. They consist of two sticks traditionally hand crafted and hand painted by artist Murruppi. The timber used is spotted gum, mulga, black wattle or gidgi. Each clapstick measures 30cmL. Artwork may vary. Learn More
  6. Egg Maracas 2pce
    Egg Maracas 2pce
    Product Code: 30008
    Price $7.59 $6.90

    2 pce. Great for littlies .. they can feel the rhythm. 5 cm L.

    Colours may vary - green, gold, red, blue.

    Learn More
  7. Wooden Claves Pair
    Wooden Claves Pair
    Product Code: 30269
    Price $10.95 $9.95
    The wooden claves are tapped together to create a full, resonant sound that brings out the percussionist in every child. They are essential for all classroom music sessions. The claves measure 20cm in length. Learn More
  8. Small Maracas Set 8pcs
    Small Maracas Set 8pcs
    Product Code: 96505
    Save 10%
    Regular Price $39.16 Special Price $35.15 $31.95
    Excellent percussion set for small hands. Each maraca measures 15cmL. Learn More
  9. Wooden Egg Maracas 4pcs
    Wooden Egg Maracas 4pcs
    Product Code: 96570
    Price $17.16 $15.60
    Stylish wooden egg maracas with four different bright painted patterns. Each maraca measures 7cmL. Learn More

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