Math Games
Maths game skills such as counting, spatial awareness, sorting and sequencing, symmetry, patterns, time and money are just some of the many concepts our games in this category support. Buy card games, snap games, lotto games, dice games, memory games, domino games and board game sets. Browse our huge range below.

Math Games

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  1. Brainy Blocks
    Brainy Blocks
    Product Code: 65786
    Price $50.05 $45.50

    A fun way of developing children's fine motor skills and improve their ability to differentiate shapes, colours, and sizes. Easy play for 1 or 2 players aged 4-7 years.

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  2. Koalas and Buses Game 56pcs
    Koalas and Buses Game 56pcs
    Product Code: 65709
    Price $54.89 $49.90

    The ability to visualise numbers is called subitising. It is an important skill for children to learn. The Koalas and Buses is a powerful resource to assist students with the development of visual memory, number sense and sight recognition. This set includes 50 koalas, 5 ten frame koala buses, a spinner and game instructions.

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  3. All About Numbers 1-10 Bingo
    All About Numbers 1-10 Bingo
    Product Code: 65320
    Price $43.45 $39.50

    A self correcting game designed to give children practise in the sorting, counting, addition and subtraction facts for the numbers 1 to 10. Includes 40 double sided Master cards, 81 laminated double sided Bingo cards and 9 wipe clean baseboards.

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  4. Roll and Think Game
    Roll and Think Game
    Product Code: 65312
    Price $37.95 $34.50

    Two levels of play using the four mathematical processes. Line up the four counters in a row. Playmat measures 67cm x 50cm. These colourful desk game are printed on a strong vinyl cloth backed mat and come complete with movers and dice.

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  5. Time Lotto
    Time Lotto
    Product Code: 65303
    Price $47.19 $42.90

    A traditional lotto game for 4 players to teach time in both analogue and digital forms. What will the time be and hour later, what time was it a half an hour ago?

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  6. Math Bingo Add and Subtract Game
    Math Bingo Add and Subtract Game
    Product Code: 65127
    Price $32.89 $29.90

    Reinforce basic computation skills while matching problems on the individual game boards with the answers on the game cards. This game aims to solve addition and subtraction problems and have fun learning arithmatic. Includes 6 games boards and 54 game cards. For ages 5-9 years.

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  7. Sort 'n Shapes Game
    Sort 'n Shapes Game
    Product Code: 65112
    Price $30.25 $27.50

    Young learners will develop colour recognition and visual perception with this unique sorting game. Group the plastic shapes by colour then stack the pieces on the sorting bar according to the work cards. Great for reinforcing matching and fine motor skills. Contents: 1 plastic sorting bar 50 plastic shapes 16 work cards Ages 3-6.

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  8. Counting Bears Game
    Counting Bears Game
    Product Code: 65111
    Price $30.25 $27.50

    One bear, two bears, red bear, blue bears. Join the bears and add them up. Learn the basics of arithmatic: sort, add and count. Includes game board, 30 colourful plastic bears and 16 work cards. For ages 3-6 years.

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  9. Stubborn Game
    Stubborn Game
    Product Code: 50921
    Price $54.89 $49.90

    Stubborn does not have a game board, thus simplifying the task of finding a home for your tiles. Stubborn is a great solitaire game, but can easily accommodate up to six players. The game is played by each player blindly choosing six tiles. A specially marked Starting Tile is turned face up, and then the players take turns placing their tiles in correct colour pattern and numerical sequence. The first person to place all their tiles (the most stubborn player) wins.

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  10. Wooden Unit Number Blocks Set 32pcs
    Wooden Unit Number Blocks Set 32pcs
    Product Code: 65105
    Price $274.89 $249.90

    A set of 32 solid beech wood numbers perfect for development of number learning, number sequencing and simple mathematical skills. The set contains numbers from 1 - 10. Height of each number is proportional to the respective number quantity. For example, height of number 5 is equal to the height of 5 number 1's piled up. This is a perfect feature providing tactile and visual experiences to the kids when they are learning the concept of quantity and when they are learning simple addition and subtraction. They can "touch and feel" 1 + 1 = 2 by physically touching the pieces or by visually comparing the heights of the pieces. Teaching of numbers and simple mathematics cannot be easier! Includes workcards an 2 dice for games. The set comes in a timber storage box measuring 41cmL x 20cm D x 5cmH.

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  11. Leaps and Ledges Game
    Leaps and Ledges Game
    Product Code: 51378
    Price $65.89 $59.90

    Take friendly competition to a new level as you race your opponents to the top of this colorful tower! Leaps and Ledges puts a twist to the traditional board game with its intriguing design—sending daring players up and down instead of around. Play your cards just right to move your pawns up in small steps or big leaps—but beware; only pawns of the same color can occupy a level. Some cards allow you to sabotage your opponents by sending them down levels or by knocking them off completely. Watch out for sneaky players on a rampage—they will knock everyone off on their way up! Wild cards add suspense to the mix by knocking opponents backwards or forcing them to overshoot the top crown. To be safe, move your pawns in pairs and protect them from attacks. The first player to get all four of their pawns to the top is the tower champion! With multiple strategy tricks to learn, you'll be tempted to challenge family and friends again and again! For 2 to 4 players.

    • Strengthens math, strategy and problem-solving skills
    • Fast pace family game that's adaptable to a wide range of ages and skill levels
    • Sturdy base, 15 colorful platforms, tower crown, 72 playing cards and 15 pawns
    • Cards are numbered 1-12 plus four types of specialty cards: "Flip, Rampage, Wild and Precision"

    For 2-4 players, 8 years+.

    Award Winner

    • FamilyFun Magazine's Top 10 Board Games Editors of FamilyFun Magazine tested hundreds of games -- board, card, dice, and electronic -- to find the very best for kids and parents.
    • NAPPA National Parenting Publications Award NAPPA is the most comprehensive awards program for Children's Products and Parenting Resources. Our independent panels of judges are experts in their fields with extensive professional experience working with children and parents. They evaluate hundreds of products to select the most fun, appealing, safe, educational, age-appropriate and enduring products so that parents can make the best purchasing choices for their families.
    • National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval program is an independent testing procedure conducted by volunteer parents, children and educators. Products are evaluated for level of desirability, sturdiness, interactive stimulation and other ingredients essential in the make-up of a quality product.
    • Parents' Choice Award
    • Recommended by Mensa Award It indicates that a game is original and creative in concept, challenging, a good value for the price, easy to comprehend and play, and, above all, fun!
    • Toy Insider Top Holiday Toys Award With over 80 years of combined experience in the toy industry, the Toy Insider's editorial team knows what makes a great toy, and they evaluate toys based on a five-point criterion: play value, originality, skill building, product integrity, and fun factor. They aim to ensure that the price tag matches how much fun the toy is, evaluate the educational and social benefits of each toy, and spend time playing to understand how kids would respond to toys.
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  12. Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids Game
    Zimbbos Elephantastic Pyramids Game
    Product Code: 50698
    Price $51.59 $46.90

    The elephants are ready to impress in this thrilling building game for kids. Help the circus troupe in their star attraction but don’t let them fall! Taking turns, roll the die to find out how many elephants you must stack on to the pyramid. The player who manages to place the last elephant on the pyramid wins. The perfect first game, Zimbbos teaches colour recognition, counting, and develops dexterity and balance awareness. This all wooden building game is sustainably made. Ages 3 and up, 1-4 players.


    • Counting
    • Manual Dexterity
    • Balance


    • 10 Wooden Elephants
    • 5 Wooden Jokers
    • 3 Wooden Bars
    • 1 Wooden Die
    • Illustrated Rules:


    • Oppenheim Gold Seal
    • Dr. Toy 10 Best Games
    • Parents’ Choice Silver Honor
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  13. Gobblet Strategy Game
    Gobblet Strategy Game
    Product Code: 50923
    Price $61.49 $55.90

    Gobblet plays like Tic-Tac-Toe but with strategy and memory mixed in. This wooden board game takes just seconds to learn but a lifetime to master. Gobble up, line up four pieces in a row and win! Beautifully crafted from 100% sustainable wood, Gobblet self-stores all the playing pieces and looks attractive on display.

    With irresistible, fast-moving play and astonishingly simple rules, Gobblet is a fun strategy game for the whole family! Ages 7 to Adult, for 2 players. Play time 10-20 minutes.


    • Strategy
    • Visualization
    • Memory
    • Analysis


    • Oppenheim Platinum Award
    • Parents' Choice Silver Award
    • Dr Toy 10 Best Games


    • 1 Wooden Playing Board
    • 24 Wooden Pieces
    • 1 Wooden Storage Box
    • Illustrated Rules
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  14. Sleeved Play Dice Set of 2
    Sleeved Play Dice Set of 2
    Product Code: 99722
    Save 12%
    Regular Price $21.78 Special Price $19.25 $17.50

    An innovative, fun learning tool perfect to use for many maths and language activities. Place flashcards in the clear vinyl pockets to create an instant lesson. For example work on counting, number recognition, probability, letter identification, reading sight words and identifying emotions. You can even place family photos, conversation starters, story writing ideas or writing prompts, the possibilities are endless! Each dice measures 10cm x 10cm x 10cm. Cards are not included.

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  15. Create and Play Wooden Blackboard Discs 20pcs
    Create and Play Wooden Blackboard Discs 20pcs
    Product Code: 50590
    Price $38.39 $34.90

    These versatile wooden discs are limited only by your imagination. With a blackboard surface on one side they are ready to become whatever you want them to be. Create matching games, memory games, math and literacy games, or anything you're imagination takes you to. This wooden disc set is a brilliant open-ended toy great for any learning environment. The beech discs measure 5cm in diameter.

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  16. Learning Fractions Puzzle Set 56pcs
    Learning Fractions Puzzle Set 56pcs
    Product Code: 65119
    Price $62.59 $56.90

    This is a great way to introduce mathematical concepts through play. Children can use their problem-solving skills to complete the puzzles. When they are ready and are showing interest, you can begin to discuss the concepts of fractions and talk about how many pieces make up a whole, half and quarters, for example. A great puzzle that can be used in the early years and reintroduced when children are ready to learn about mathematical concepts. This set contains fractions from 1 whole to 1/10. Made of beech. The wooden storage tray measures 18cm in diameter and the formed puzzles measure 15cm in diameter.

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  17. Cape Capers Counting Set 10pcs
    Cape Capers Counting Set 10pcs
    Product Code: 20338
    Price $208.89 $189.90

    Have fun with this super adventurous pack of children's capes, numbered 1 to 10. Made from satin with elastane necklines and sparkle appliqué numbers on the front and back. Relaxed fit, machine washable, easy dressing and no removable parts. Assorted fabrics.


    Includes: 10 capes, 1 learning story template and 20 x A4 flash card activity set.

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  18. Learning is Fun Game
    Learning is Fun Game
    Product Code: 50131
    Price $16.39 $14.90

    A fun introduction to colours, shapes and basic number concepts, this entertaining matching game contains 21 pairs of 2 piece puzzles. Sturdy, easy to handle, easy to recognise colourful pieces. Ages 3+.

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  19. Know Your Numbers School Readiness Kit
    Know Your Numbers School Readiness Kit
    Product Code: 64820
    Price $24.75 $22.50

    An excellent teaching aid designed to teach numbers to children. Designed by Australian teachers with consideration of the English Syllabus. Know Your Number Kit includes: Playing Cards: a fun game of memory that helps teach children how to count from 1-20. Children simply match the number card with the corresponding picture card. Writing Workbook: children can practise writing numbers from 1-20, using the foundation font used in schools. Workbook on CD: enables the workbook to be printed time and time again. A2 Poster: a fun and colourful A2 sized poster of numbers 1-20.

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  20. Clear Polycarbonate Spinner
    Clear Polycarbonate Spinner
    Product Code: 65755
    Price $5.45 $4.95

    This clear plastic spinner is a very useful resource for home or classroom learning activities, for probability demonstrations and games. The spinner has a polycarbonate face with plastic pointer and measures 11cm x 11cm.

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  21. Spinners Blank 10pcs
    Spinners Blank 10pcs
    Product Code: 65754
    Price $31.35 $28.50

    Create your own spinner activities and games with this pack of 10 blank white cardboard squares with coloured plastic pointers. Each spinner measures 11cm x 11cm.

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  22. Numbers Memory Discs Game 40pcs
    Numbers Memory Discs Game 40pcs
    Product Code: 50582
    Price $38.39 $34.90

    A fun way to introduce numeracy while encouraging children to feel positive and confident while they learn through play. Use these colourful beech number pairs (40pcs) to improve number and colour recognition. The discs are screen printed for durability and come with a drawstring storage bag. Each disc measures 5cm diameter.

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  23. Gopher It! Game
    Gopher It! Game
    Product Code: 50665
    Price $25.85 $23.50
    Players try to collect exactly six apples or exactly six carrots or exactly six nuts and place them face up for safe storage. This is done by flipping over cards during a turn and deciding to keep what has been flipped or continuing to try to get more. But players should not get too greedy, because if they flip over the same type of food twice in row, then they lose all of the cards that they have previously collected on that turn. At any time, a player can choose to stop flipping over cards, in order to not risk losing what they have collected. However, players must stop after flipping over a maximum of 4 cards. 5yrs+. Learn More
  24. Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set 48pcs
    Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set 48pcs
    Product Code: 35151
    Price $65.89 $59.90

    Children will have much fun with this construction, early mathematics and manipulative set. Ideal for developing fine motor skills, for counting, sorting and creative design. Set includes 48 pebbles in 4 sizes and 6 colors, and 12 x 2-sided A4 activity cards. Pebbles measure 3cm - 9cm.

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  25. Rainbow Pebbles 36pcs
    Rainbow Pebbles 36pcs
    Product Code: 35150
    Price $76.89 $69.90

    Children will have much fun with this construction, early mathematics and manipulative set. Ideal for developing fine motor skills, and for counting, sorting and creative design. Set includes 36 pebbles in 6 sizes and 6 colors, and 20 activity cards. Pebbles measure 3cm - 9cm. Comes in a sturdy plastic container.

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