Shape Sorting, Hammering, Stacking & Nesting
These resources help develop hand eye coordination, shape recognition, fine motor skills and size sequencing.

Shape Sorting, Hammering, Stacking & Nesting

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  1. Babal Ball
    Babal Ball
    Product Code: 11937
    Price $37.95 $34.50

    Whether it's being used for catching, balancing, or rolling, Babal is designed for both boys and girls to stimulate creative play, nurture hand-eye coordination, promote motor skills, and spur the imagination. Babal looks like one ball, but is actually two. A large coloured ball holds a recessed "dimple," in which another, smaller ball in a contrasting colour sits. Note: Colours may vary.

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  2. Stacking Ice Cream Sundae
    Stacking Ice Cream Sundae
    Product Code: 20192
    Price $15.29 $13.90

    A delectable addition to your home corner foods list, this wooden stacking ice cream sundae set includes four detachable parts and a base. Children will develop hand eye coordination, size sequencing and language skills. Measures 15cm high when assembled.

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  3. Wooden Stacking and Nesting Boxes 6pcs
    Wooden Stacking and Nesting Boxes 6pcs
    Product Code: 35491
    Price $48.29 $43.90
    Classic nesting and stacking boxes made from timber and painted with numbers, animals, vehicles and fruit. Perfect for the development of hand eye coordination, spacial awareness and fine motor skills. When stacked the tower measures 48cm high and the large block is 11cmW x 11cmD. Learn More
  4. Rainbow Stacker Rocker
    Rainbow Stacker Rocker
    Product Code: 35521
    Price $20.79 $18.90
    Quality wooden stacking toy to assist with the development of fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The base on the stacker is rounded allowing the stacker to rock. Measures 21cmH and the base is 9cm x 9cm. Learn More
  5. Shapes Stacking and Matching Set 48pcs
    Shapes Stacking and Matching Set 48pcs
    Product Code: 35528
    Price $76.89 $69.90

    This shape stacking set is great to teach children shapes, counting and sequencing and develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Made of solid beechwood. Bases measure 30cmL x 7cmW x 1.5cmH.

    Set Components:

    • Square Shapes 15pcs
    • Triangle Shapes 15pcs
    • Circle Shapes 15pcs
    • 3 Base Boards
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  6. Teatime Shape Sorter
    Teatime Shape Sorter
    Product Code: 35532
    Price $53.79 $48.90
    Can be used as a shape sorter or a teapot. Comes with 4 mini teacups which are colour and shape matched to their respective holes. Enhances manipulation and fine motor skills. Ages 1+. Learn More
  7. Square Stacking and Nesting Cups
    Square Stacking and Nesting Cups
    Product Code: 35501
    Price $10.45 $9.50
    Stack with me, nest with me, mould with me. Use me with sand, water, and dough. Large square 11cm. Learn More
  8. Stacking and Nesting Cups Round
    Stacking and Nesting Cups Round
    Product Code: 35500
    Price $10.45 $9.50

    Stack with me, nest with me, mould with me. Use me with sand, water and dough. Large round cup 11cm diameter. 5 cups.

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  9. Clowns Stacking Board
    Clowns Stacking Board
    Product Code: 35520
    Price $48.95 $44.50
    Big, bold and bright, these clowns have colour coded rings which slot on the pegs attached to the long baseboard for counting fun and colour recognition. 35.5cm x 22cmH. Learn More
  10. Double Hammer Ball Bench
    Double Hammer Ball Bench
    Product Code: 35320
    Price $32.89 $29.90
    This set comes with six colourful balls and a hammer. Perfect for hand-eye co-ordination and muscle development. 21cmL x 12cmW x 14cmH. Learn More
  11. See-Saw Pegs
    See-Saw Pegs
    Product Code: 35308
    Price $38.39 $34.90
    When one peg is knocked down the other one comes up. No need to turn over. Learn More
  12. Hammer and Roll
    Hammer and Roll
    Product Code: 35298
    Price $40.65 $36.95
    This attractive pounding bench has a base which has been designed to roll along the floor. Learn More
  13. Knock Out Bench
    Knock Out Bench
    Product Code: 35302
    Save 36%
    Regular Price $18.59 Special Price $11.99 $10.90

    Beautifully made Swedish hammering bench with wooden base, wooden pounding hammer and strong plastic pegs. When all the pegs have been knocked down, turn the bench over and start again! Colours may vary. Bench measures 24cm in length.

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  14. Shaped Nuts and Bolts 32pcs
    Shaped Nuts and Bolts 32pcs
    Product Code: 35107
    Price $29.59 $26.90

    These easy to hold large nuts and bolts are made from sturdy plastic and are ideal for classroom use. Four shaped nuts in four colours with two different diameter threads. Perfect resource for developing fine motor skills (ratation), colour and shape recognition and sequencing. Each bolt measures 6cm in length. Stored in a sturdy plastic container.

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  15. Peggy Count and Match Pegboard Class Set
    Peggy Count and Match Pegboard Class Set
    Product Code: 35332
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    Regular Price $219.89 Special Price $164.89 $149.90

    An intuitive way for children to develop fine motor skills, colour and shape recognition, sequencing and patterning, ordering, counting, stacking and hand-eye co-ordination. Each board has 16 chunky geometric prism pegs; circular, triangular, square and hexagonal in red, blue, yellow and green. They are easy to grasp for little and special needs students hands. Each board measures 18cm x 18cm. This class pack includes six boards, 96 pegs, the Peggy Patterns and Puzzles Book and a spinner all conveniently stored in a clear tub.

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  16. Wiggly Woody Worm
    Wiggly Woody Worm
    Product Code: 35515
    Price $31.35 $28.50
    Cute caterpillar has segments which can be stacked and turned to make it lean in different directions. Learn More
  17. Twist and Turn
    Twist and Turn
    Product Code: 35105
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    Regular Price $26.95 Special Price $21.56 $19.60

    Four different pieces can be assembled in various ways with many outcomes.

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  18. Playcubes 116pcs
    Playcubes 116pcs
    Product Code: 40241
    Price $149.49 $135.90

    Includes 36 letters and numbers. This building set allows increasing structural complexity as the child's imagination, reflection and motor skills advance. Ages 4+.

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