Physics, Chemistry and Electricity
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Physics, Chemistry and Electricity

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  1. Junior Inventor XXL Kindergarten Set
    Junior Inventor XXL Kindergarten Set
    Product Code: 69150
    Price $428.89 $389.90

    Children are naturally interested in experimentation and invention. Our new inventor kindergarten set provides young explorers with
    everything they need to playfully discover mechanical phenomena and relationships. This opens up children's first glance of the physical world.

    15 template cards with amazing experiments on physical and mechanical phenomena can be explored and developed further. The focus is not on simply recreating the template cards, but on discovering the underlying principles so children can try their own experiments too.

    Measures 67.5cmL x 44.5cmW x 87cmH.

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  2. Activity Board - The Earth
    Activity Board - The Earth
    Product Code: 35396
    Price $318.89 $289.90

    Earth is the only planet known to have current geological activity, like earthquakes and volcanoes. It is the only planet known to have life. Earth has one natural satellite, the Moon, which is the only large satellite of a terrestrial planet in the Solar System. This learning board demonstrates how moon orbits earth and how earth orbits sun. It also explains why we have day and night in a day and why there are four seasons in a year. The learning also shows the inner structure of the earth and demonstrates what happens inside a volcano when it erupts. Special lighting effects are used for better demonstration of orbiting and volcano eruption.

    These boards can be used as a floor or table activity, mounted to a wall or with the free-standing Painting Window (#35351) and the Desktop Painting Window (#35350).

    Made from Russian birch plywood and beech wood.

    Size of board: 46cmW x 46cmL.


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  3. Activity Board - Conductivity Experiment
    Activity Board - Conductivity Experiment
    Product Code: 35377
    Price $318.89 $289.90

    Electricity is the most versatile energy source that we have. Lights, fans, computers and most other electrical appliances are powered up by electric current. For an electric current to happen, there must be a circuit. A circuit is a closed path or loop around which an electric current flows. This Conductivity Experiment wall panel comes with 2 electric circuits. The circuit on the upper part is still an open circuit requiring children to make it a closed circuit by pressing one of the 4 buttons. Each button represents 1 type of material of different conductivity. If plastic or tile is chosen, the light won't be turned on because electric current cannot pass through insulating materials. Another circuit is also an open circuit. Children will be asked to use their bodies as connectors to make it a closed circuit. When a child put both hands on the panel, the light will turn on! Children will be amazed by this phenomenon. Teaching them that our human bodies are conductive cannot be easier!

    These boards can be used as a floor or table activity, mounted to a wall or with the free-standing Painting Window (#35351) and the Desktop Painting Window (#35350).

    Made from Russian birch plywood and beech wood.

    Size of board: 46cmW x 46cmL.

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  4. Newtons Cradle 17.5cmH x 17.5cmW x 11.5cmD
    Newtons Cradle 17.5cmH x 17.5cmW x 11.5cmD
    Product Code: 67905
    Price $51.59 $46.90

    See Newton's 3rd law of physics in motion with this large cradle with solid base unit. Pull up one ball, release and see only one ball move from the group. Use two balls, two balls will move. Measures 17.5cmH x 17.5cmW x 11.5cmD.

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  5. Wind Turbine 72pcs
    Wind Turbine 72pcs
    Product Code: 69300
    Price $83.49 $75.90

    This kit will help children explore the power of wind and store the produced energy to activate the four models they can build with this set; electric car, airplane, helicopter and truck. The wind power is converted into mechanical power from the big gears in the kit and to electrical power via the gear motor that acts as a dynamo. The power is then stored in a rechargeable battery found in the smart battery box unit. Highly efficient aerodynamic and adjustable 3 blade propeller to fit all wind conditions. Requires 1 AA/LR6 battery or a rechargeable battery – not included. Ages 8yrs+.

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  6. Larger Wooden Newton's Cradle With 4cm Diameter Balls
    Larger Wooden Newton's Cradle With 4cm Diameter Balls
    Product Code: 67901
    Save 10%
    Regular Price $164.89 Special Price $148.39 $134.90

    This is the LARGER Newton's Cradle. The pendulum movement of this cradle lasts over one minute and 45 seconds due to the solid timber construction and heavier balls that are evenly weighted to a very high tolerance. The cradle measures 25cmL x 22cmW x 21.5cmH and the balls measure 4cm in diameter.

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  7. Crooke's Radiometer
    Crooke's Radiometer
    Product Code: 67988
    Price $65.89 $59.90

    The Crooke's radiometer, also known as a light mill, consists of an airtight glass bulb, containing a partial vacuum. Inside are a set of vanes which are mounted on a spindle. The vanes rotate when exposed to light, with faster rotation for more intense light, providing a quantitative measurement of electromagnetic radiation intensity. Today the device is mainly used in physics education as a demonstration of a heat engine run by light energy.

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  8. Liquifly-Water Power Rocket Class Kit
    Liquifly-Water Power Rocket Class Kit
    Product Code: 67962
    Price $186.89 $169.90
    Huge classroom set of water-powered rockets for up to six students. Experiment with different size bottles, valve pressures and water levels to see who can fly the highest. Great for school science, this kit comes with 2 pumps, 6 fins, 2 hoses with connectors, 3 large bottles, 3 small bottles, 3 hard valves, 3 soft valves, 2 laminated instruction sheets, 2 experimental sheets and storage box. Learn More
  9. Foucault’s Pendulum 38cmH
    Foucault’s Pendulum 38cmH
    Product Code: 67970
    Price $65.89 $59.90
    This simple device with a black stand is the perfect desk display for students with its rhythmic motion inscribing beautiful patterns in the sand. The simplicity of a pendulum belies its scientific importance as it has been used to demonstrate a plethora of principles, including the rotation of the earth and has been used to detect earthquakes for over a millennium. Learn More
  10. Discovery Car
    Discovery Car
    Product Code: 69380
    Price $98.89 $89.90
    All the basic mechanical functions of a car are precisely reproduced, including engine with working pistons and rods, two speed and neutral gearbox and working differential allowing rear wheels to turn independently. The steering also works through a steering box. All components snap on and off the chassis to view each working individually. Learn More
  11. Noisy Putty
    Noisy Putty
    Product Code: 69327
    Price $2.75 $2.50
    You know what I mean! Disgusting and very funny! Learn More
  12. Skyrocopters, Balloon Cars and Helicopters 15pcs
    Skyrocopters, Balloon Cars and Helicopters 15pcs
    Product Code: 99653
    Save 11%
    Regular Price $54.73 Special Price $48.95 $44.50

    This set comprises 5 Skyrocopters, 5 Balloon Cars measuring 10cm long and 5 Balloon Helicopters with a blade span of 29cm. Colours will vary.

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  13. Water Powered Rocket
    Water Powered Rocket
    Product Code: 67960
    Price $43.89 $39.90
    Pump air into a 1.25 litre plastic bottle partially filled with water creating high pressure which forces the water through the restricted opening at high velocity creating the thrust necessary to launch the bottle over 30m into the air. A fun way to learn about rockets and Newton's third law of motion "every action has an equal and opposite reaction". All you need is a bicycle pump, a plastic soft drink bottle and a windless day. Adult supervision required. Learn More
  14. Fitzroy’s Storm Glass 28cm
    Fitzroy’s Storm Glass 28cm
    Product Code: 67980
    Price $39.49 $35.90
    A type of historical weather forecasting device, composed of a sealed glass container, filled with a liquid that allows the user to forecast the weather by observing the appearance of the liquid in the glass. Learn More
  15. Skyrail Suspension with Motor 270pcs
    Skyrail Suspension with Motor 270pcs
    Product Code: 40331
    Price $175.89 $159.90

    This Skyrail system has a motorised elevator which collects, lifts and sets marbles in motion again. Central tower is 60cm high and the suspended track runs approximately 7 metres. The Skyrail System allows the construction of spectacular suspended aerial structures that imitate the technology of famous suspension bridges. Ideal for the demonstrations of physics principals like velocity, acceleration, gravity and friction.

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  16. Mehano Play Physics - Orange
    Mehano Play Physics - Orange
    Product Code: 69413
    Price $54.89 $49.90

    150 experiments and theoretic explanations of heat, waves, sound and electromagnetism. Make a light conductor, image from the convex lens, singing metal strips. Check resistors functioning, light emitting diode, condenser, breakwater and much more. 50 components.

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  17. Mehano Play Physics - Blue
    Mehano Play Physics - Blue
    Product Code: 69412
    Price $54.89 $49.90

    Discover the physical characteristics of the surrounding world. 153 experiments and explanations of measuring units, mechanics, fluids, gases, rotation and oscillation. Make a water clock, forcemeter, lever, manometer, diving bell. Check: kinetic energy, liquid pressure, speed of air and much more. 35 components.

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  18. Chemistry Chaos
    Chemistry Chaos
    Product Code: 69331
    Price $32.89 $29.90

    A comprehensive kit with 19 fun and interesting experiments to explore the natural world.

    • The kit includes all the main scientific equipment required for the experiments.
    • 51 page full colour booklet which includes fun facts and further experiments.

    Includes experiments in the areas of Matter, Chemical Reactions, Crystallography, Forensic Chemistry and Qualitative Chemistry. Suitable for ages 10 years and up.

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  19. Vortex Valve
    Vortex Valve
    Product Code: 69190
    Price $2.75 $2.50

    Join two soft drink bottles and make a tornado.

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  20. Sunprint Kit
    Sunprint Kit
    Product Code: 99617
    Price $27.06 $24.60

    Sunprint paper goes through a chemical change when exposed to light. Includes 24 sheets measuring 10cm x 10cm and one acrylic sheet. Use leaves, keys, photo negs or try some 3D objects (without the acrylic sheet). Ages 6 +.

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  21. Galileo Thermometer Large 44cm
    Galileo Thermometer Large 44cm
    Product Code: 67986
    Price $76.89 $69.90
    This large and beautiful sealed glass cyclinder contains 10 colourful, carefully weighted balls of hand blown glass. As the ambient temperature changes, the paraffin within the thermometer changes density, affecting which baubles float and which sink. Accurate for a temperature range between 18 degrees celsius and 28 degrees celsius. Measures 44cm high. 400 year old design by Galileo! Learn More
  22. Sunprint Small Sheets Refill Pack
    Sunprint Small Sheets Refill Pack
    Product Code: 69316
    Price $14.85 $13.50

    Refill pack for Sunprint Kit. Contains 12 small sheets of sunprint paper each 10cm x 10cm.

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  23. Sunprint Kit 12 Small Sheets
    Sunprint Kit 12 Small Sheets
    Product Code: 69315
    Price $19.69 $17.90

    Sunprint paper goes through a chemical change when exposed to light. Use leaves, keys, photo negatives or try some 3D objects (without the acrylic sheet). Ages 6+. Contains 12 sheets of sunprint paper each 10cm x 10cm and one Acrylic Sheet 10cm x 10cm.

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  24. Thinking Putty
    Thinking Putty
    Product Code: 69326
    Price $10.89 $9.90

    It bounces, stretches, shears, moulds, tears, shatters, snaps, contorts, squishes and drips from the ceiling. Amazing molecular structure allows these extreme activities. Non-toxic, non gooey and leaves no residue. Ages 6 years +. Tubs measure 6cm x 2.5cm.

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  25. 3D Bubble Geometry Set 145pcs
    3D Bubble Geometry Set 145pcs
    Product Code: 98999
    Save 10%
    Regular Price $186.56 Special Price $167.75 $152.50

    Looking for a STEM project with a WOW factor? This engineering project is it.. see the hypercube left! Discover how the outer wand structure affects the shape of the inverted bubbles that form. This project teaches about tensile structures by building 3D bubble wands with Geoshapes squares, triangles and pentagons then dipping them in bubble solution to make inverted tensile bubbles. This simple demonstration will introduce a complex engineering concept to children visually. Set includes 60 Geoshape squares, 54 Geoshape triangles, 30 Geoshape pentagons and Professor Art Johnson's book 'Build Up To Bubbles: Geometry Made Interesting With 3D Geoshapes/Grades 5-10'. The Bubble Geometry Class Set provides an excellent introduction to geometry concepts such as the Platonic solids, Euler's law and non-Euclidian geometry. Just click the Geoshapes together to form the 3D models and dip them into the bubble solution. Suitable for grades 5-10.

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