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Our playground sets are designed to develop muscular strength, muscular endurance, motor learning, postural control, sensory processing, body awareness, balance and coordination. Value sets for schools and childcare are on sale in this category. Steel climbing sets, wooden climbers and plastic balance sets. The best buying online.

Playground Sets

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  1. Aluminium Fire Truck
    Aluminium Fire Truck
    Product Code: 14345
    Price $846.89 $769.90

    Now the kids can really play as fire fighters! With 2 steering wheels, 2 seats and plenty of rungs over the top, this Fire Truck can amuse up to 6 kids at once. The Fire Truck is made from strong and lightweight powder-coated aluminium. The Fire Truck measures 110cm long x 65cm wide x 87cm high. Use with other aluminium climbers and frames.

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  2. Aluminium Race Car
    Aluminium Race Car
    Product Code: 14344
    Price $769.89 $699.90

    Vroooom! Kids will be racing for the race car. Use as a standalone piece or join up other pieces to the rungs. Features 2 seats and a bright steering wheel. Made from strong and lightweight powder-coated aluminium. Measures 110cm long x 65cm wide x58cm high. Use with other aluminium climbers and frames.

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  3. Aluminium Seesaw Set
    Aluminium Seesaw Set
    Product Code: 14338
    Price $769.89 $699.90

    This durable powder coated aluminium seesaw set is ideally suited to the playground. The lightweight design makes it easy to move and store.. and it can never rust! The safety handles give children a secure grip while seesawing! Measures 180cmL x 50cmW x 40cmH.

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  4. Solid Pine Pirate Ship
    Solid Pine Pirate Ship
    Product Code: 14250
    Save 15%
    Regular Price $1,484.89 Special Price $1,260.49 $1,145.90
    Arrr me hearties, have fun on the high seas in this large 2.3m long and 1.3m wide pirate ship. Includes the ship's wheel, a telescope, a mast with a pirate flag and a timber boat anchor. Easily assembled with all hardware and instructions supplied. Made of child-friendly treated pine which is resistant to borers and termites. Learn More
  5. Solid Pine Speed Boat
    Solid Pine Speed Boat
    Product Code: 14252
    Save 10%
    Regular Price $1,209.89 Special Price $1,088.89 $989.90

    Made with child-friendly treated solid pine complete with two rows of sailor's seats, two steering wheels and a telescope. All hardware and instructions for assembly included. Measures 2.2m long x 1.1m wide. Resists white ants and borers.

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  6. Up and Over Climb and Scramble
    Up and Over Climb and Scramble
    Product Code: 14255
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    Regular Price $1,209.89 Special Price $1,088.89 $989.90
    Ideal, easily moved playground climber with ten plastic rock grips, two handgrips, then it's up and over to the scramble net on the other side. Made of solid pine which has been manufactured with a child-friendly termite and borer treatment. When assembled the climber has a footprint of 1.9m in length by 1m in width. All instructions and hardware for assembly included. Learn More
  7. Wooden Geo Shapes on Stands 4pcs
    Wooden Geo Shapes on Stands 4pcs
    Product Code: 11068
    Price $329.89 $299.90

    This set of 4 crawl-through geo shapes on 4 stands is a great resource for outdoor activities. They will help children develop directionality, spatial awareness and locomotive control and have physical exercise at the same time! This set is also great for social interaction, which helps children to develop language and communication skills. All shapes are made of solid plantation timber and child safe materials. The square measures 60cm x 60cm.

    • Set of 4 wooden shape frames.
    • Made from varnished wood.
    • Each shape comes with a supporting base.
    • Not suitable to be left outdoors permanently
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  8. Step-a-Logs 6pcs
    Step-a-Logs 6pcs
    Product Code: 11401
    Price $109.89 $99.90

    Gaining confidence and a sense of achievement result from improved co-ordination, balance and correct movement in this gross motor activity. Two ramps, one at each end, enable easy access. Each log has a ribbed top platform to help prevent slipping and the logs are connected with rope which can be adjusted to different lengths for different combinations and degrees of difficulty. Made from strong polypropylene, these logs can easily support an adult's weight. Each log platform measures 50cm long x 10cm wide x 10cm high. Total length measures 4.42 metres. Includes 6 logs with ropes in one set.

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  9. Step-a-Stones 6pcs
    Step-a-Stones 6pcs
    Product Code: 11400
    Price $109.89 $99.90

    Sturdy flat-topped plastic stones with adjustable rope to alter the jumping distance, changing the difficulty of the jump. Each stone has a pimpled platform top to help prevent slipping. Children will gain confidence and improve balance as they progress from stepping on each stone over short gaps to jumping over longer gaps. Made from strong polypropylene. Stones can support an adult's weight. Extra sets may be added to form longer trails. Size: platform top 23cm diameter, base 32cm diameter, 13cm high. Includes 6 stones with ropes in one set.

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  10. Walkblock Set 5pcs
    Walkblock Set 5pcs
    Product Code: 10998
    Price $307.89 $279.90
    The new Walkblock set is designed to extend the play value of the Gigantos plastic trestles and plastic walkboards. The set comprises one base, two linking blocks which can change the direction of the walkboards, and two locking blocks which keep this corner unit stable and safe. Learn More
  11. Walkboards, Walkblocks and Trestles Set 21pcs
    Walkboards, Walkblocks and Trestles Set 21pcs
    Product Code: 10999
    Price $2,166.89 $1,969.90
    There are 3 Walkblock sets included in this enormous outdoor and indoor balance set which allows for many different configurations. Each Walkblock set comprises one base, two linking blocks (which can change the direction of the walkboards) and two locking blocks (which keep this corner unit stable and safe). Also includes 4 x 1.8m walkboards and 2 green trestles. Note: when the Walkblock sets are disassembled, the bases, cubes and linking blocks provide stand alone resource to stimulate and challenge. Learn More
  12. Telescope, Periscope and Steering Wheel
    Telescope, Periscope and Steering Wheel
    Product Code: 97806
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $82.17 Special Price $65.45 $59.50

    These must have play accessories for child care playgrounds are the ideal attachments for your fort, cubby and other play structures. Includes a steering wheel measuring 30cm diameter (11652), a telescope 30cmL (11650) and the periscope 43cmH (11651). All made of high-impact plastic. Colours may vary.

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  13. Running Circuit Set 38pcs
    Running Circuit Set 38pcs
    Product Code: 96995
    Price $142.89 $129.90

    Create an interesting running circuit with the variety of 14 non-slip rubber ground markers, 20 field markers, 2 hoops and 2 relay batons for team fun. Sizes are: Start & Finish 35cm long, Left & Right 23cm long, Feet 22.5cm long and Hands 19cm long.

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  14. Sit and Spin
    Sit and Spin
    Product Code: 10099
    Price $296.89 $269.90

    Made with very strong high-grade plastic with a steel centre shaft and ball-bearings. Measures 55cm diameter and 30cm in height. When the child turns the upper disc, their body moves in the opposite direction. An easy way to get children to stay active. They simply cannot get off the Whizzy Dizzy once they hop on it! A gross motor toy that will entertain children for hours while improving their core strength and coordination skills. The spinning action also enables children to practice balancing as they are encouraged to steer the wheel faster as they get some healthy exercise at play. Load tested to 45kgs.

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  15. Rainbow Balance Beams Curved and Straight Set 24pcs
    Rainbow Balance Beams Curved and Straight Set 24pcs
    Product Code: 96950
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    Regular Price $373.78 Special Price $317.35 $288.50

    This balance beam set is a fun piece of balance equipment for improving movement awareness, coordination and balance in youngsters. Extremely strong and durable straight and curved plastic beam sections which slot securely together to make interesting, raised walking paths. Straight section is 28cmL x 12cmH.


    • # 11045 Rainbow Balance Beams Curved 12pcs
    • # 11046 Rainbow Balance Beams Straight 12pcs
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