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Ocean Animals

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  1. Super Size Ocean Animals 6pcs
    Super Size Ocean Animals 6pcs
    Product Code: 98055
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    Six assorted giant sealife animals measuring between 48cm and 56cm in length. Excellent resource for water and sand play or use as an impressive display. Set includes a whale, dolphin, orca, grey shark, hammerhead shark and a blue shark.

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  2. Medium Whales and Dolphins 7pcs
    Medium Whales and Dolphins 7pcs
    Product Code: 60226
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    This collection of awesome ocean mammals encourages learning, language development and open ended, creative fun. A beautiful selection of seven medium-sized whales and dolphins measuring approximately 15cm in length.

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  3. Sharks Small 12pcs
    Sharks Small 12pcs
    Product Code: 60340
    Price $18.59 $16.90

    Includes great white shark, bull shark, Japanese saw shark, mako shark, hammerhead shark, lemon shark, tiger shark, zebra shark, whale shark, leopard shark, black tipped shark, reef shark and horn shark. Sharks measure between 7cm and 9cm in length.

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  4. Sharks Medium 6pcs
    Sharks Medium 6pcs
    Product Code: 60225
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    These shark replicas are an important addition for education and creative play. They will help to improve children's language skills, concentration and develop imagination. Animals measure between 15cm and 16cm in length.

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  5. Aquatic Animals Small 18pcs
    Aquatic Animals Small 18pcs
    Product Code: 60331
    Price $18.59 $16.90

    Explore the ocean with this collection of animal replicas representing all things aquatic. Includes sharks, whales, seals, sting rays, octopus, penguins and sea turtle. Animals measure between 5.5cm and 8cm in length.

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  6. Aquatic Animals Medium 11pcs
    Aquatic Animals Medium 11pcs
    Product Code: 60224
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    Set of 11 true to life aquatic animal replicas including a dolphin, a whale, an orca, walrus, seal, shark, crab, octopus, stingray, lobster and squid. Great for dramatic play. Animals measure between 13cm and 20cm in length.

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  7. Penguins Medium 5pcs
    Penguins Medium 5pcs
    Product Code: 60227
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    These lifelike and attractive penguin replicas are ideal props for children to learn about these amazing ocean animals in a fun and open ended way. Animals measure between 13cm and 16cm in length.

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  8. Sharks Set 11pcs
    Sharks Set 11pcs
    Product Code: 60318
    Price $25.19 $22.90

    Beautiful collection of 11 sharks. Create your own underwater playground. Large shark measures 19cmL.

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  9. Large Marine Animals Set 22pcs
    Large Marine Animals Set 22pcs
    Product Code: 98052
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    Various aquatic animals, beautifully depicted ranging in size from 13cm to 20cm in length. Learn More

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