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  1. Bullies, Victims and Bystanders Game
    Bullies, Victims and Bystanders Game
    Product Code: 50190
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    An excellent new game designed to raise a child's awareness of bullying and how it feels to be bullied. Devised by Fintan O'Regan (an experienced headteacher and behaviour specialist) it also encourages proactive actions on the part of the bystander who observes the bullying. Every incident card has been weighted based on the severity of the bullying so that children can see how harmful this behaviour is. Children are encouraged to model good behaviour on how to overcome bullying.

    The game can be used to teach an awareness of bullying and the appropriate behaviour of a bystander within the curriculum. Alternatively, it can be used for mediation or resolution purposes. Here, after a bullying incident, the teacher can invite those involved to play the game together in an effort to understand what it is like to be bullied and how to prevent future incidences of bullying. Contains 1 Game Board (51cm X 51cm), 54 playing cards, 6 pawns and a die.


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  2. 4 Social Skills Board Games
    4 Social Skills Board Games
    Product Code: 50605
    Price $26.29 $23.90

    4 Social Skills Board Games (Empathy, Manners, Emotions and Friendship) will help you develop and learn new social skills and behaviours simply by playing, laughing and having fun with your friends and family. This set uses different gameplays such as action games and sentence building games that will keep children entertained while learning about the topics of empathy, friendship, manners and emotions.

    Contains 4 board games, 6 counters, a spinner, a die, and an answer sheet.

    For ages 5-8.

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  3. Calming Cards 10pcs
    Calming Cards 10pcs
    Product Code: 25434
    Price $32.89 $29.90

    These Calming Cards have been created by a Psychology and Education professional to help children calm down when they're upset, mad, frustrated, sad or angry.

    Teaching children calming techniques helps them develop the skills they need to recover from their most challenging emotions.

    The Calming Cards are designed to help you teach them calming techniques. Calming strategies include deep breathing, muscle relaxation, grounding, visualisation, yoga and mindfulness.

    Calming cards can be used in a variety of contexts including:

    • A calming corner or calming space in the classroom
    • Outdoors or away from the classroom
    • Calming activities before sleep time

    Calming Cards are designed to teach life long calming skills that, once learnt, can be drawn on when needed (without the continued prompt of a card).

    Suitable for children aged 3 years and up (with educator's guidance) and for older children and adults as well.

    The cards measure 9.5cm x 13cm and are printed on 350gsm card with double sided matte laminate.​


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  4. Connect the Emotion Game
    Connect the Emotion Game
    Product Code: 50148
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    Learn to recognise 8 basic emotions: happy, sad, disgust, anger, shame, afraid, love, amazed. Find 6 cards with situations that represent this emotion and talk about it. Talk about what you see and if you recongise this situation. Ages 3yrs+.

    It is also possible to play this game in a competitive way. Select some situation cards, depending how difficult you want to make the game. Turn the pointer on the wooden board and take as fast as you can a card that represents this emotion, with the suction cup. The player with the most cards, wins.

    Set Includes: 

    • wooden board with 8 emotions and pointer
    • 48 plastic cards with situations
    • 8 plastic cards with the basic emotions

    Product Dimension:

    33.5cm x 22.5cm x 7cm.

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  5. Catch The Emotion Game
    Catch The Emotion Game
    Product Code: 50149
    Price $30.69 $27.90

    Try to find appropriate situations for each emotion. In doing so, practise recognising and naming the 4 basic emotions: happy, scared, angry, and sad. Expand your vocabulary and learn to deal with emotions by discussing them together.


    • 24 wooden image cards
    • 2 suction cups

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  6. Search and Find My Emotions Game
    Search and Find My Emotions Game
    Product Code: 50150
    Price $186.89 $169.90

    Choose an assignment strip and look carefully at the situations. What emotions do you see? Slide a matching face underneath each situation and flip the strip for self-checking. Learn to recognise and understand various emotions and improve language skills. The game contains 4 basic emotions: happy, angry, sad and scared. Set includes 8 assignment strips and 32 small cards with faces. Stored in a wooden box measuring 45cm x 22cm x 8cm. Ages 4-5yrs.

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  7. Spider Emotions Sorting Puzzle 17pcs
    Spider Emotions Sorting Puzzle 17pcs
    Product Code: 45401
    Price $53.79 $48.90

    Look at the emotions the spider shows. Place image cards that show the same emotions in the right place into the puzzle frame. Measuresw 40cm x 40cm. Ages 4-5yrs.

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  8. Emotions Learning Game
    Emotions Learning Game
    Product Code: 21969
    Price $76.89 $69.90

    This is a set of 4 wooden bars printed with different facial expressions. Children can make up to 64 different emotion faces. It helps soothe and validate children when they are in negative moods. It also encourages emotion literacy and development. Great for social stories and imaginative play. Adults can watch children talking about their inner world and feelings. Comes with 2 play dice allowing various types of play and learning.

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  9. Activity Board - Emotions
    Activity Board - Emotions
    Product Code: 35392
    Price $164.89 $149.90

    Children need to learn how to manage their emotions. When children are more emotionally aware and skilled, they can more effectively navigate relationships, calm down and problem solve when challenges arise. This emotions management training resource allows 2 types of adult-children interaction. First, we can require children to identify their negative feelings and ask them to rotate the "What to do" wheel. For example, "When I am upset, I will listen to music." Doing so allows adults to understand children's negative feelings and understand how the children would deal with such emotions and feelings. Adults will provide support if they find problems in the ways children manage their emotions. The other way to play with this board is: adult will first choose an emotion and then asks children to tell what they will do if they are in that emotions and feelings. Age: 3yrs+.

    Activity Boards can be used as a floor or table activity, mounted to a wall or with the Activity Board Floor Stand (#35351) and the Table Top Stand (#35352).

    Made from Russian Birch plywood and Beech Wood wood (FSC).

    Size of board: 46cmW x 46cmH.

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  10. Reversible Octopus Happy and Sad
    Reversible Octopus Happy and Sad
    Product Code: 20332
    Price $15.29 $13.90

    Express yourself with this cute reversible plush octopus.

    Made of soft plush fabric, the octopus flips inside out, giving you a smile on the light blue side and a sad face on the dark blue side. Measures 30cmW x 15cmH.

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  11. Activity Board - Feelings
    Activity Board - Feelings
    Product Code: 35391
    Price $164.89 $149.90

    Helping children to identify and label emotions is an important first step in emotional skills learning. This activity board features a make-your-own-expression face allowing a child to express their emotion by adjusting the directions of the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. There are three mood meters representing happiness, sadness and anger on a scale of 1 to 5. There are ten additional circumstances to choose from. A teacher or child can choose one and have another child make up a facial expression and slide the mood meters to express the feeling. The board is from European birch plywood and measures 46cmH x 46cmW. Ages 3yrs+.


    Note: This activity board can be wall mounted or used with the Tabletop Stand (#35350), the Floor Stand (#35351), the Mobile STEM Walls (#35020 & #35021).

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  12. Mix 'n' Match Expressions Block Set 8pcs
    Mix 'n' Match Expressions Block Set 8pcs
    Product Code: 21970
    Price $60.39 $54.90

    This unique wooden 8 block set promises hours of fun as children play with up to 4000 different variations of faces, from happy to sad, even scared or just downright spooky! Each block has 4 images, one on each side. A great resource for giving children the opportunity to recognize and discuss different emotions, it also encourages children to express and manage their own feelings important in developing self-reliance and resilience. A fun way to introduce emotions while encouraging children to feel positive and confident while they learn through play. Each block measures 13.5cmW x 4.5cm x 4.5cm.




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  13. We All Have Feelings - Emotions and Connections Cards 26pcs
    We All Have Feelings - Emotions and Connections Cards 26pcs
    Product Code: 25432
    Price $54.89 $49.90

    Children who understand their emotions are better able to cope with them.

    Feelings cards are a valuable tool and are used extensively when supporting children to explore their moods and emotions, strengths and vulnerabilities. These cards have been created and illustrated by an art therapist to promote discussion that will support emotional growth.

    These cards can help to:

    • Recognise and understand emotions
    • Develop empathy and understand feelings in others
    • Recognise feelings in the body
    • Discuss fears and worries

    This set of 26 beautifully illustrated cards feature a range of emotions depicted by different animals to help children identify and understand their own feelings. Decades of therapeutic experience have been applied when designing these cards and each illustration has been thoughtfully crafted to spark curiosity, conversation and connection.

    The cards measure 15.5cmH x 11cmW and are made on 350gsm gloss art with gloss celloglaze on both sides. They are recommended for children aged 12 and under.

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  14. 50 Feelings and Emotions Cards
    50 Feelings and Emotions Cards
    Product Code: 25430
    Price $65.89 $59.90
    These 50 large format, durable cards have a photographic image on one side and activities for enquiry in class on the other. Story starters on the reverse will encourage thinking and develop key social and emotional aspects of learning. The themes cover a diverse range of emotions such as fear, confusion, jealousy, excitement and sadness. Discuss how other people feel, explore body language and facial expressions and promote inclusion. Learn More
  15. Facial Features Stickers 1350pcs
    Facial Features Stickers 1350pcs
    Product Code: 89225
    Price $20.79 $18.90

    Add some fun and zany expressions to your 2D and 3D creations. Great value roll of facial features. Includes 1350 stickers in a mixture of eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, noses and mouths.​ Each sticker measures 1cm to 3cm in size. Create different expressions.

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  16. Emotions Puzzle Set of 5
    Emotions Puzzle Set of 5
    Product Code: 45407
    Price $49.39 $44.90

    Emotions like fear, sadness, anger, surprise, and happiness, which accompany us throughout our lives. These emotions embody our inner wishes, goals and needs. They are a reaction to a situation or a condition. Children often experience intense emotions, which makes it even more important for them to learn how to cope with them and express them.

    These 5 x 6 piece wooden puzzles develop and strengthen social-emotional-learning (SEL) skills, while also developing logical thinking and communication skills. Ages 3yrs+.

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