Sand and Water Accessories
Great toys for sand and water play. Buy watering cans, drippers, droppers, squirters, scoopers and boats.

Sand and Water Accessories

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  1. Mobilo Flow Set Advanced 134pcs
    Mobilo Flow Set Advanced 134pcs
    Product Code: 40032
    Price $164.89 $149.90

    This revolutionary addition to Mobilo’s high quality building sets unlocks children’s natural desire to experiment. It develops their concentration and provides a fun and exciting way to discover the principles of the physical world for themselves. Which direction do the wheels turn? Why do they go fast or slow? How does the sand flow? What happens when the flow is adjusted on the funnel? Or, what happens when the wheel is in another position? The mobilo flow set for experimentation, investigation, amazement and fascination. Includes 2 funnels, 4 paddle wheels and 128 Mobilo pieces stored in a mesh bag.

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  2. Sand Tray With Tools For Light Box
    Sand Tray With Tools For Light Box
    Product Code: 69129
    Price $384.89 $349.90

    A square tray with a shatterproof glass base which allows messy sand play and repetitive sand drawing. Very sturdy construction with chunky beech wood side panels. The sand tray fits the Large Square LED Light Boxes (#69126 & #69127). Kids will absolutely enjoy sand painting and sand play with the included wooden sculpture tools. Box measures 54.5cmL x 53.5cmW x 15.5cmH.

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  3. STEM Wall Hand Pump
    STEM Wall Hand Pump
    Product Code: 35030
    Price $170.39 $154.90

    A water pump specially designed to fit our STEM Wall and Pipes Kit. The Pump can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Water can be pumped in a circular motion with the in and out hoses in a single bucket or from a larger bucket to water straight to the garden! Measures 20cmW x 29cmH x 9cmD. Ages 3yrs+.

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  4. STEM Wall Pipes Kit 119pcs
    STEM Wall Pipes Kit 119pcs
    Product Code: 35029
    Price $604.89 $549.90

    Using the Pipe Builder’s Kit with the STEM Wall (STEM Wall is not included), children can make interesting routes for a ball or water to flow through. The set comprises of 119 pieces including clear ridged tubes and white plastic connectors at 90 and 135 degrees, as well as ‘T’ connectors providing opportunities for numerous whacky routes. There are 5 colourful balls and a variety of plastic pouring jugs and funnels to enable water play too. Components are connected to the STEM Wall using fixing bands and screws. There are 2 large valves to stop the water flow mid-way through a system and a tap - that can be either on or off. Children will be able to see water backing up to the valve (if switched off) and then allow it to flow through when they want too. There are some long flexible tubes too, which form an excellent uninterrupted route for the balls which can be connected by clear ridged tubing. All parts made of water and UV resistant materials are resistant to fading and cracking from the sun. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor uses. Ages 3yrs+.

    Use with the Mobile STEM Walls (#35020 & #35021) and the STEM Wall Panel (#35024).

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  5. AquaPlay Boat Set 10pcs
    AquaPlay Boat Set 10pcs
    Product Code: 75350
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $76.89 Special Price $61.49 $55.90

    These boats are fabulous accessories to any waterplay activity. The boat set contains an amphibious truck that can drive both on land and water, 2 container boats with 3 containers that have opening doors, a speedboat, a vehicle ferry, Bo the Bear and Wilma the Hippo.

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  6. Designer Sand and Water Mill
    Designer Sand and Water Mill
    Product Code: 75111
    Price $40.59 $36.90

    Pour sand or water into the feeder at the top then pull the sluice gate and watch as it makes its way past the series of spinners and pivoting buckets. Hours of fun. A loading ladle is included. Measures 24cmW x12cmD x 42cmH.

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  7. Sand and Water Play Stacking Lighthouse 7pcs
    Sand and Water Play Stacking Lighthouse 7pcs
    Product Code: 75073
    Price $43.89 $39.90

    Excellent quality 7 piece sand and water lighthouse stacker made in Austria. Includes 5 buckets to build a sand structure, the lighthouse keeper's head has holes in the base for water to flow through and his cap can be used as a sand scoop. When assembled the light house measures 52cmH.

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  8. Giant Tug Boats 2pcs
    Giant Tug Boats 2pcs
    Product Code: 96926
    Save 15%
    Regular Price $21.89 Special Price $18.59 $16.90

    Made in Austria these tugboats are both durable and lightweight. They're easy to navigate, even with a full load. Each boat measures 30cm long. Colours may vary.

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  9. Sand Blob Funnel
    Sand Blob Funnel
    Product Code: 75044
    Price $14.19 $12.90

    Drip sand mixed with water (blob mix) through this specially shaped funnel to make sand blobs. Use with sand moulds and other sand tools as a starting point for your blob embellishments. Build blob walls and shapes. Measures 24cmH. Ages 3yrs+.

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  10. Clear Water Pump
    Clear Water Pump
    Product Code: 75305
    Price $14.19 $12.90

    This simple water play toy will give hours of fun. Just place the pump in a container with water, crank the handle and watch as the water flows up the pump chamber and out the top outlet. Use two containers to show how water volume can be transfered by using the child's own energy. Measures 30cmH.

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  11. Red Water Pump
    Red Water Pump
    Product Code: 75307
    Price $14.19 $12.90

    This simple water play toy will give hours of fun. Just place the pump in a container with water, crank the handle and wait in anticipation as the water flows up the pump chamber and out the top outlet. Use two containers to show how water volume can be transfered by using the child's own energy. Measures 30cmH.

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  12. Giant Pipette Bulbs 6pcs
    Giant Pipette Bulbs 6pcs
    Product Code: 90067
    Price $14.19 $12.90

    Children's use of a pipette is an ideal pre-writing exercise while building hand eye coordination and cognitive development. Measuring 23cmL each giant pipette holds approx 45ml making them a valuable addition to your art room or use as a water play accessory. Use the pipettes with watercolours, food dyes, acrylic paint and more.

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  13. Rain Ball
    Rain Ball
    Product Code: 75330
    Price $21.89 $19.90
    The rain ball arouses curiosity and stimulates children's imagination and senses. Immerse it it water to fill it up and then let it rain. Regulate the rain flow by covering the top nozzle with a finger. The combination of physical manipulation and water can be used as a part of a calming technique. Colours may vary. The rain ball measures 9.5cmH x 8.5cm diameter. Ages 3yrs+. Learn More
  14. Bamboo Channel Set 40pcs
    Bamboo Channel Set 40pcs
    Product Code: 75318
    Price $142.89 $129.90

    Encourage children's imagination and thinking skills with the natural bamboo channel pieces. Foster children's design ability and creativity while developing motor skills. This product is ideal for use at the sandpit or sand/water tray. As bamboo is a natural product, this product will weather and change colour with time. Largest piece measures 40cm in length.

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  15. Pumponator
    Product Code: 18090
    Save 51%
    Regular Price $40.59 Special Price $19.69 $17.90

    This genuine Pumponator makes water bombs easily anywhere. Get ready to get wet! Fill the Pumponator with water, pump it up and fill the balloons and tie while on the nozzle. 250 biodegradable balloons included.

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  16. AquaPlay Bo and Wilma
    AquaPlay Bo and Wilma
    Product Code: 75355
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $16.39 Special Price $13.09 $11.90

    Let Bo the Bear and Wilma the Hippo drive your AquaPlay boats or why not be in charge of your AquaPlay harbour! Great fun to add to any AquaPlay canal system. Measure 6.5cm high.

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  17. Volume Relationship Set 6pcs
    Volume Relationship Set 6pcs
    Product Code: 65510
    Price $27.39 $24.90

    Use for the exploration of 3D geometric shapes and their volume ratios. Each clear acrylic shape has an open bottom for easy recognition of volume relationships. There are 6 models per set (cube, rectangular box, cylinder, sphere, square pyramid and cone).

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  18. Hape Watering Can Green
    Hape Watering Can Green
    Product Code: 75303
    Price $10.95 $9.95

    An easy to tote watering can is the perfect prop for budding gardeners. Immerse children in sustainable practices whilst nurturing a love for the natural world. Measures 14.5cmH x 21.5cmW x 12.5cmD.

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  19. Measuring Cylinders 7pcs
    Measuring Cylinders 7pcs
    Product Code: 65517
    Price $68.75 $62.50

    A set of 7 easy to read graduations convenient for all experiments. 10mL, 25mL, 100mL, 250mL, 500mL, 750mL and 1000mL.

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  20. Water Play Set 27pcs
    Water Play Set 27pcs
    Product Code: 75075
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    Fabulous pack of fun water play tools including buckets, jugs, boats, cups, stacking moulds with water holes, hoses, funnels, pipettes, a spray, a pump and a sand and water wheel. Learn More
  21. Duck Family Water Play Set 5pcs
    Duck Family Water Play Set 5pcs
    Product Code: 75072
    Price $14.19 $12.90

    This unique set of ducks can be sorted by size and colour and joined together. The large duck has holes in the bottom and the little duck has a water wheel. Great bath toys. 18mths+.

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  22. Underwater Viewer
    Underwater Viewer
    Product Code: 75115
    Price $31.35 $28.50
    A great fun viewer for water play or for more serious adventures. The wide-angled viewing lens has built in handles and the barrel can extend to over 35cm.
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  23. Super Sand Factory
    Super Sand Factory
    Product Code: 75110
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    Super sand factory sand wheel.

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  24. Watering Pot 11cm
    Watering Pot 11cm
    Product Code: 75301
    Price $6.55 $5.95

    Cute watering pot for first-time gardeners.

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  25. Dantoy Small Watering Can 18cmH
    Dantoy Small Watering Can 18cmH
    Product Code: 75300
    Price $7.65 $6.95

    Dantoy is Danish quality made sand and water play resources. This watering can is 18cm in height and 10cm wide.

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