Carpets, Cushions, Furniture and Backdrops - Indigenous
Buy the Dungga Waa Djuya Education Mat with 25 images of authentic drawings, or browse the selection of original carpets and playmats depicting, Water Dreaming, Reconciliation, Turtle Circle, Meeting Place and the Campfire. Buy the Boolarng cushion series or create a corner with the backdrops featuring Uluru or the beach.

Carpets, Cushions, Furniture and Backdrops - Indigenous

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  1. The Bush Tucker Carpet Game 2m x 2m
    The Bush Tucker Carpet Game 2m x 2m
    Product Code: 15091
    Price $505.89 $459.90

    By rolling the soft dice, children will explore this beautiful Bush Tucker Carpet Game, catching, foraging and learning all about bush tucker. If they land on an animal’s footprint, they get to track it and move up two spaces. The Bush Tucker Carpet Game is durable with soft plush pile, round corners and non-slip backing. This activity carpet is 2m x 2m and each space is about 30cm x 30cm. It comes with a soft play dice, 10cm3.

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  2. Alphabet Rainbow Serpent Carpet 2m x 3m
    Alphabet Rainbow Serpent Carpet 2m x 3m
    Product Code: 15090
    Price $604.89 $549.90

    What an amazing educational resource! This activity carpet has endless potential for alphabet and spelling games, for example; “Olivia, go and sit on the letter O”. Kids can hop from one letter to the next, spelling out any word in the dictionary, all the while learning about the iconic Dreamtime Rainbow Serpent. When it comes to fun, learning activities, the sky is the limit with this brand new activity carpet! Durable and soft plush pile, with over-locked edges, round corners and non-slip backing, this carpet is a must-have for your classroom. Size 3m x 2m.

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  3. Aboriginal Flag Table Set 1.5m x 1.5m
    Aboriginal Flag Table Set 1.5m x 1.5m
    Product Code: 16366
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    Our unique Aboriginal Flag Table is a wonderful way to introduce Indigenous culture into your classroom, promote conversation and awareness. This flexible table is ideal for collaborative work or can be split into sections for independent learning. Height adjustable so can be lowered for students sitting on the floor or raised for chairs.

    Set Includes:

    • 2 x rectangular tables 150cm x 75cm, one red, one black, with a 60cm semicircle cut out on one side
    • 1 x circular table 600mm diameter, yellow
    • Magnets on the rectangular tables keep them from separating
    • Leg adjustment requires allen key for security


    • When assembled, the 3 tables together measure 150cm x 150cm
    • The height of the tables can be adjusted from 43cm to 75cm
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  4. Indigenous Seasons Carpet 3m x 2m
    Indigenous Seasons Carpet 3m x 2m
    Product Code: 15079
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    Every picture tells a story and what a beautiful story our Seasons Carpet has to tell. The vibrant colours and beauty of Indigenous artist DJ Mate's work has been brought to life with this stunning carpet, a unique piece of Indigenous Art which will bring character and light to any room. A truly inspiring design which tells us how important it is to listen to the land of this vast country and respect our Indigenous culture.

    Start your journey on the left side of the box as the Ngoonumgi, the Grey-Headed Flying Fox, gather in vast numbers as the sun sinks below the horizon. Then we follow the possum footprints to the front panel of the box as the snarling, growling sounds of their nocturnal battles can be heard. Finally, as we move to the right side of the box, gentle rains are falling. Restrictions on eating crabs, yabbies, shellfish, prawn and lobsters are lifted and feasting on the beaches occurs.

    This magnificent carpet will inspire your students and supports not only Indigenous but environmental topics within the curriculum. The colours of this land will jump off our Seasons Carpet and straight into your student's hearts and imagination.

    This carpet measures 3m x 2m and is made of 100% easy clean nylon.

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  5. Outback Uluru Backdrop 3mW x 1.7mH
    Outback Uluru Backdrop 3mW x 1.7mH
    Product Code: 15460
    Price $164.89 $149.90
    Featuring the picturesque Uluru (Yankunytjatjara language) this backdrop is the perfect resource to start discussions about the traditional owners of the land and Australian geography. Suitable for use in all indoor spaces such as dramatic play, libraries and quiet spaces. Made of polyester. Measures 1.7mH x 3mW. Match up from a choice themed carpets and cushions to create a dramatic play corner. Learn More

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