Moving wooden beads around on wire tracks is an ideal way for improving hand eye coordination and fine motor skills and is a fun way to learn about colours and shapes. Buy the portable Spring-a-Ling or a large table maze.

Bead Mazes

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  1. 11 Activities Crocodile Wall Mount
    11 Activities Crocodile Wall Mount
    Product Code: 35756
    Price $439.89 $399.90
    The crocodile has five sections, each with a different set of interactive activities that have been designed to encourage hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Each activity offers a hands-on opportunity to learn through problem solving, whilst encouraging the development of fine motor skills. Components include percussive instruments, a mirror, magnetic pen, ball followers, various mazes, threading activities, rotational pieces, slotted line followers and interlocking cogs. The challenges offer a range of hands-on problem solving learning opportunities for the development of fine motor skills whilst engaging children in conversations about what they are doing. The crocodile comes in 5 sections. Each piece comes with fixing holes and attachment screws for easy fitting to a wall and full assembly instructions. Measures 187cmL x 61cmH. Learn More
  2. Round Bead Frame Table
    Round Bead Frame Table
    Product Code: 35764
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    Sturdy bead frame table for group activity. Useful manipulative resource to aid with the development of hand-eye co-ordination. Measures 38cm in diameter and 65cm in height. The animals and the mountain on the table are included. Learn More
  3. Circus Fun Bead Frame
    Circus Fun Bead Frame
    Product Code: 35699
    Price $153.89 $139.90

    The flexible wire and all other components can be arranged differently each time used. Helps develop manual skills and co-ordination. Stunning. Board size: 38cm diameter.

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  4. Roller Coaster Bead Frame
    Roller Coaster Bead Frame
    Product Code: 35710
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    Excellent manipulative toy to assist in developing hand-eye co-ordination. Measures 22cm x 20cm x 20cmH. Learn More
  5. Mini Bead Frame Set of 6
    Mini Bead Frame Set of 6
    Product Code: 35709
    Price $65.89 $59.90
    These stunning small bead frames are a must to develop fine motor control skills. Six different designs with each frame measuring 9cm in diameter x 12cmH. Ages 12mths+. Learn More
  6. Supadoopa Bead Maze
    Supadoopa Bead Maze
    Product Code: 35715
    Price $87.89 $79.90

    This good-sized bead frame can be used by one or more children. A classic toy helping develop hand eye coordination, colour and shape recognition, dexterity and fine motor control. Measures 32.5cmW x 25cmD x31.5cmH.

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  7. 6 Activities Aeroplane Wall Mount
    6 Activities Aeroplane Wall Mount
    Product Code: 35755
    Price $439.89 $399.90
    This stunning multifunctional wall mount activities aeroplane will promote hours of interactive fun for groups of children playing and learning collaboratively. Made in five pieces, each with a different set of manipulative activities all designed to encourage hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Bead frame, rolling disc with sound, labyrinth puzzle, magnetic trace and track game, clock with moving hands and turning gears. The plane when installed measures 180cmL x 66cmH. Learn More

7 Items

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