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  1. Shop Outdoor Mount Panel
    Shop Outdoor Mount Panel
    Product Code: 35753
    Price $329.89 $299.90

    Use the Shop as an interactive resource to promote social skills and develop creativity through play. It can also be used as a photo prop opportunity. Made from commercial grade HDPE 19mm thick - perfect for outdoor use. Mounting holes must be drilled on installation which allows you to place the sensory panel onto timber upright posts or mount onto an existing pay structure or wall. Panel size: 73.5cm x 58.5cm x 19mm.

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  2. Sensory Blackout Tent
    Sensory Blackout Tent
    Product Code: 10044
    Price $175.89 $159.90

    Explore the wonderful possibilities of a light-controlled sensory environment when you introduce a Sensory Blackout Tent into your learning space or home.

    Excellent when used for sensory light and colour therapy, as the various tent flaps allow adjustment of the light levels in the tent dependent on the needs of the individual. Combining colour and light therapies activates a person’s neuro-stimuli of proprioception (the awareness of where your body is in space) with their vestibular system (the sense of balance) enabling the brain to enhance itself and develop its cognitive ability.

    Sensory lighting works as a complementary therapy, acting as a visual aide that benefits both health and behaviors in children and adults. Children’s moods in particular are strongly affected by lighting, for some it provides a calming, soothing effect, while for others it acts as a stimulant. Certain light levels and colours can be beneficial and the ability to control visual stimuli within the space is important. The Sensory Tent is also great for general dramatic role play, drama, scientific investigation and creative play - truly a versatile and open ended learning resource.


    • The nylon double-skin blocks out the light.
    • One entrance with flap and ties to secure flap in the "up" position
    • Two windows for observation with ties so that the window flaps may be secured in the "up" position.
    • Simple to construct and store.
    • Consists of the tent, 12 poles and 8 connectors in a storage bag.


    • 100cm x 100cm x 100cm
    • Entrance is 45cm diameter. 
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  3. Australian Road Mats Set of 4
    Australian Road Mats Set of 4
    Product Code: 15097
    Price $505.89 $459.90

    Build your own land to play on with this set of 4 brand new Australian road mats. With 4 different landscapes to choose from including Outback, City, Beach and Farm, you can put them in any order, rotate them and be creative with how you set them up each time. This is a great resource to teach children about roads, signs, buildings, swimming between the flags, emergency services, different geographical areas, famous natural and man-made Australian landmarks and so much more. Kids will spend hours playing together with their toy cars, animals and other figures. This carpet set is durable with soft plush pile, round corners and non-slip backing. Each road mat carpet is 1m x 1m and creates a combined play area of 2m x 2m.

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  4. Dinner Set on Tray 29pcs
    Dinner Set on Tray 29pcs
    Product Code: 20103
    Price $65.89 $59.90

    Gowi ladybug design dinner serving set with 29 pieces including a casserole dish, plates, knives, forks, cups, saucers, a teapot, sugar bowl, serving tray and more.

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  5. Teabreak Set on Tray 15pcs
    Teabreak Set on Tray 15pcs
    Product Code: 20102
    Price $27.39 $24.90

    This durable ladybug design tea and coffee set is made in Austria. Includes 3 cups and saucers, 3 spoons, milk jug, sugar bowl, a tea or coffee jug and a serving tray.

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