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  1. Mod-Wrap Plaster Bandage 4 Rolls (total 36.4 metres x 30.5cm)
    Mod-Wrap Plaster Bandage 4 Rolls (total 36.4 metres x 30.5cm)
    Product Code: 91732
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    Regular Price $98.89 Special Price $49.39 $44.90

    A very versatile craft product that can be bandaged around most forms. A fine gauze material that is in a roll form impregnated with quick drying plaster for creating casts or moulding shapes. Non toxic, microwaveable, quick and fun. Includes 4 rolls each measuring 9.1 metres long x 30.5cm wide. That's a total of 36.4 metres!

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  2. Serayha Ply Skateboard Deck
    Serayha Ply Skateboard Deck
    Product Code: 93179
    Price $16.39 $14.90

    This serayha plywood board provides a sturdy surface to paint on, but also offers students a great way to have their artwork seen in the community. Design their own custom skateboards to hang on a wall. Dimensions: 20cm wide x 80cm long, 1cm thick, flat surface, weighing 750gm.

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  3. Wooden Surfboard with Stand 36cmL
    Wooden Surfboard with Stand 36cmL
    Product Code: 93182
    Price $16.39 $14.90

    Students, hobbyists and crafters of all ages will love this wonderful wooden Surfboard with Stand and be eager to get started! Completed and decorated Surfboard designs can be displayed upright or horizontally on the included stand. It's made from 10mm thick plywood and its surfaces are smooth and flat. The wood has been left natural and unsealed for easy decorating. Edges are rounded for a neater finish and to compliment this classic design.

    • Wooden Surfboard measures 36cmL x 15cmW
    • Wooden Stand measures 13cmL x 6cmW.

    Some project ideas:

    • Paint with acrylic, oil, poster, watercolour or gouache.
    • Use spray paint and stencils for a beat street or surf coast look.
    • Draw directly onto the wood with permanent markers, or Slicks (Paint Sticks) for quick, clean and no fuss coverage.
    • Collage surfboard with an assortment of papers, photos and found images.
    • Mosaic over the Surfboard’s surface using Mosaic Tiles

    The Surfboard with Stand will make a great keepsake, house decoration, gift, fundraising piece, or graduation project.

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  4. Decorative Display Fish Net Green 6m x 1.8m
    Decorative Display Fish Net Green 6m x 1.8m
    Product Code: 15930
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    Regular Price $65.89 Special Price $29.59 $26.90

    This extra large decorative fish net will make a great additon to any classroom for displaying collage works and craft projects or to use with a nautical themed dramatic play session. Measures 6m x 1.8m!

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  5. Alphabet Stickers 40 Sheets
    Alphabet Stickers 40 Sheets
    Product Code: 87065
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    Get organised with these Alphabet Stickers – a quick and useful way to create signage for your school, workspace, home or office. Each sheet comprises of individual letters, just peel and stick! Attach to files, artwork, posters, doors, windows, art folios, scrap books and storage boxes.

    These Alphabet Stickers allows you to quickly create signage and labelling, without fuss or the need for any special printers or equipment.

    These Alphabet Stickers:

    • Each sticker measures 4.3cm x 3.7cm
    • Sheet size is 15cm x 21cm
    • Black text on white background
    • 40 Sheets
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  6. Fibre Board Coat Hanger 5pcs
    Fibre Board Coat Hanger 5pcs
    Product Code: 91182
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    These Fibre Board Coat Hangers are a fun canvas ready for your next craft or seasonal project. The pre-cut coat hanger design includes tie and belt hooks which are cut into the frame’s centre. Made from sturdy fibreboard, transfer these Coat Hangers into personalised keepsakes, practical gifts, or use as a fundraising project.

    Fibre Board Coat Hangers offer a great surface for collage, papers, paint, permanent markers and slicks (paint sticks). Once decorated, Fibre Board Coat Hangers make an excellent gift for Father’s Day, Mothers Day, Christmas and Birthday celebrations. Each hanger measures 39.5cm x 17cm and is 3mm thick.

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  7. Cardboard Solar Systems 240pcs
    Cardboard Solar Systems 240pcs
    Product Code: 89906
    Price $14.19 $12.90

    Cardboard Solar System is a fun STEAM activity which explore our 4.6-billion-year old galaxy. This pre cut solar system design is made from thick cardboard, and the two dimensional shapes represent each of the 8 planets, the sun, stars and comets. Once decorated incorporate into a poster, a mobile, a diorama or in individual project work.

    To decorate these cardboard pieces use Slicks, papers, pencils, markers and watercolour pan colours. Three-dimensional details can be added with Magiclay and other collage embellishments. Display planets in their order from the sun and proximity to each other – on a dark background.

    This Cardboard Solar System:

    • Is made from thick 400gsm white card
    • There are 10 sets in pack
    • 240 pieces in total. Each solar system set: Sun, Stars, Comets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
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  8. Plant and Sprout Houses 10pcs
    Plant and Sprout Houses 10pcs
    Product Code: 13067
    Price $32.89 $29.90

    This activity is designed to teach children how things grow – to develop the understanding that plants need warmth, water, nutrients and light. This is a fantastic STEAM project and could be used as a seasonal craft activity or as a fundraising gift.

    The self-assembly Plant and Sprout House has a cardboard frame which can be decorated with pencils, markers, slicks (paint sticks) or collage materials. Once assembled the seed bed needs to be prepared using the included tray and cotton wool. Scatter your seeds onto the cotton, then place the tray inside the sprout house. Use the included message tag to write the student’s name or the plant name, then slot in place. Leave the house on a sunny windowsill and allow seeds to germinate and sprout, making sure bed is kept damp. NB: once seeds have spouted, tray can be cleaned and used again!

     This kit includes

    • 10 x Die-Cut Cardboard Sprout Houses (self-assembly)
    • 10 x Message Tags
    • 10 x Cotton Wool
    • 10 x Plastic Planting Trays
    • 1 x Instruction Sheet
    • NB: This kit requires seeds, paper towel
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  9. Bamboo Paper Shreds 500g
    Bamboo Paper Shreds 500g
    Product Code: 91198
    Price $15.29 $13.90

    Bamboo Paper Shred is an easier and more convenient method to make your own paper. Use to make paper ornaments, keepsakes and seeded paper or seed paper bombs that grow when planted!

    To make, simply soak the Bamboo Paper Shred in hot water until the fibres break down (or are a soup-like consistency). Then spoon the pulp onto a flat absorbent surface (e.g. towel), spread pulp out evenly ensuring there are no gaps, then press down firmly to squeeze out the excess water. Allow to dry! PVA can be added to the pulp to add strength. N.B. detailed instructions are included in the pack.

    If making seed bombs, add seeds to the soup-like pulp, then shape into a tight ball, whilst squeezing out the excess water. Once formed leave to dry. Wrap a few balls in a paper bag to use as a gift.

    Wet pulp can be coloured with artificial (food dye = vibrant colour) or natural dyes (subtle colours).

    Once the Bamboo Paper Shred has dried and is now paper, it can be decorated.

    Idea: use the shred raw material as a creative collage material!

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  10. Design Your Own Drink Cup
    Design Your Own Drink Cup
    Product Code: 92364
    Price $5.45 $4.95

    Children will love this Design Your Own Drink Cup – a fun project starter that can be personalised and used as a drinking cup! This clever design includes a cavity within the cup’s  wall which can hold and display an artwork. Design Your Own Sip Cup is so easy to decorate. Just use the templates (see images), colour in the design or use the blank template to create your own piece of art. Insert the finished artwork into the cup, and fasten the lid – your cup is now ready to use!

    The cup is for cold fluids only. Do not put in microwave. Wash in warm soapy water. Do not put in dishwasher. Wash before use.

    Design Your Own Keep Cup Specifications

    • Holds 280mL
    • Cup height is 13cm x 7cm diameter
    • Sip holes size: 2cm x 1cm
    • Includes air hole 2mm x 5mm
    • Clear plastic cup with black lid
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  11. Natural Mesh Hearts 10pcs
    Natural Mesh Hearts 10pcs
    Product Code: 91150
    Price $18.59 $16.90

    A great starting point for weaving or simply collaging natural or man-made materials on. Ten hearts shapes in set with coloured ribbons included.

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  12. Decorative Papers Set 660pcs
    Decorative Papers Set 660pcs
    Product Code: 96640
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $204.88 Special Price $163.79 $148.90

    A convenient decorative paper pack with colours, textures and patterns to cover all bases. This flexible assortment of papers is ideal for a wide range of classroom activities. Use them for collage, decorative embellishment, paper construction, card making and Origami.

    Kit Components:

    • #89226 1 x Contrast Pattern Paper 40pcs
    • #89248 1 x Arty Pattern Paper 40pcs
    • #90805 1 x Handmade Decorative Papers 50pcs
    • #89252 1 x Glitter Paper Assorted A4 20pcs
    • #90821 1 x Origami Paper Patterned 300pcs
    • #90820 1 x Origami Paper Plain 100pcs
    • #89232 1 x Laser Cuts 5 Designs 10pcs
    • #89230 1 x Beautex Coloured Textured Paper A4 100pcs
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  13. Nature Keyrings With Wooden Tags 10pcs
    Nature Keyrings With Wooden Tags 10pcs
    Product Code: 92353
    Price $17.05 $15.50

    An assortment wooden butterfly, flower and heart shapes on a key chain. Ready to decorate with acrylic paint or with markers. 3 designs.

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  14. Scratch Assortment Value Set 118pcs & 118 Wooden Scratch Tools
    Scratch Assortment Value Set 118pcs & 118 Wooden Scratch Tools
    Product Code: 96628
    Save 30%
    Regular Price $141.96 Special Price $98.89 $89.90

    Scratch products are a no mess art activity that students of all levels will enjoy. This Scratch Pack contains six different themed scratch activities. Scratch into the black surface to reveal a colourful pattern underneath. Create multicoloured line work and patterns on these starting points and display individually, as part of a collaborative artwork or as part of a collage, painting or drawing. Each packet of scratch shapes includes a set of wooden styluses to “draw” your design.

    Lay flat then scratch designs into the cones, mobiles and glasses. Fold the cone to create a 3D form that can be used as the body for a character, a roof for a castle turret, a colourful hat or a stand-alone ornament such as a festive Christmas tree. Assemble and hang the mobile to enjoy a colourful kinetic artwork. Fold the glasses for a fun wearable piece of art. These could also be collaged on top of a self-portrait for added colour and pizazz.

    Use the Scratch Space Shapes, Cogs & Gears and Hands to link to your STEM program. Provide students with a space shape as a starting point that can be incorporated into an out of this world collage. A cog or gear could be the start of a steam punk animal drawing. While a scratch hand might link art, anatomy and designs!

    Kit Components:

    • #89151 1 x Scratch Art Cones 10pcs
    • #89159 1 x Scratch Art Mobiles 10pcs
    • #89157 1 x Scratch Art Space 30pcs
    • #89153 1 x Scratch Art Cogs and Gears 24pcs
    • #89156 1 x Scratch Art Glasses 20pcs
    • #89152 1 x Scratch Art Hands 24pcs

    .. plus 118 wooden scratch tools.

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  15. Naturals Sensory Tray Kit
    Naturals Sensory Tray Kit
    Product Code: 96757
    Save 10%
    Regular Price $236.50 Special Price $212.85 $193.50

    Explore nature through play and sensory experiences with this Naturals Sensory bundle of sustainably sourced materials. Fill the wooden tray compartments with the 10 different types of pods, flowers and cones to invite curiosity and play. Encourage your students to use powerful language to describe what they see and feel as they touch, look and smell each item. This beautiful assortment of natural materials includes a range of shapes, colours, sizes and textures. Can be used to make artworks through collage, printing or rubbing techniques or simply appreciated during dramatic play and mindfulness practices.

    Kit Components:

    • #91145 1 x Bark Pieces Assorted 250g
    • #91146 1 x Pine Cones 200g
    • #91147 1 x Small Pods Assorted 250g
    • #91148 1 x Large Lotus Pods 10pcs
    • #91157 1 x Dried Seedless Cotton Pods 50g
    • #91155 1 x Spiky Pods Asst 250g
    • #91159 1 x Dried Seedless Fruit Pods 150g
    • #91156 1 x Dried Seedless Flower Pods 50g
    • #91153 1 x Dried Sun Flowers Asst 50g
    • #91167 1 x Brush Cones Asst 10pcs
    • #15020 1 x Wooden Collage Tray
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  16. Reindeer Pendant Kit
    Reindeer Pendant Kit
    Product Code: 96806
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    Regular Price $65.67 Special Price $58.85 $53.50

    The Reindeer Pendent Kit is a no-fuss Christmas jewellery activity that allows students to create a unique wearable Christmas necklace and pendant. Great as a keepsake or gift. Included in the kit is 30 Wooden Reindeer Pendants with Cabochon and 30 silver Ball Chain with Clasp 2mm x 67cmL. Simply provide paint or collage materials to decorate.
    Create exciting festive decorations and jewellery with these two-piece Wooden Reindeer Pendants with Cabochon. Create a reindeer face out of pattern paper and insert under the cabochon window. Thread with string through the pre drilled hole and your pendant is ready to wear or hang on the Christmas tree. Pendant size: 38mm width x 53mm height. Glass cabochon size: 30mm diameter, 3mm hole for threading.

    Kit Components:

    • #92344 3 x Wooden Reindeer Pendants with Cabochon 10pcs
    • #92348 3 x Ball Chain with Clasp 10pcs
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  17. Wooden Reindeer Pendants with Cabochon 10pcs
    Wooden Reindeer Pendants with Cabochon 10pcs
    Product Code: 92344
    Price $10.95 $9.95

    Create exciting festive decorations and jewellery with these 2 piece Wooden Reindeer Pendants with Cabochon. Decorate the wooden pendant with paint. Create a reindeer face out of pattern paper and place it under the cabochon window. Thread with string through the pre drilled hole and your pendant is ready to wear or hang on the Christmas tree. Pendant size: 38mm width x 53mm height. Glass cabochon size: 30mm diameter. 3mm hole for threading. 10 pieces per pack.

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  18. Back To Basics Construction Kit
    Back To Basics Construction Kit
    Product Code: 96614
    Save 20%
    Regular Price $378.95 Special Price $303.05 $275.50

    The Back To Basics Construction Kit is an open ended resource kit designed to ignite your student’s imagination! This complete value kit includes a multitude of materials to support and encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and foster collaborative work.

    Set includes Kraft Paper Straws, Corrugated Card, Popsticks, Matchsticks, Coloured Dowel Rods, Cardboard Cones and Tubes, Chenille Stems, Construction Foam and Paper Form-It Wire. Plus, rolls of Masking Tape and Supertac Glue. This kit offers flexibility, versatility, affordability!

    The Back To Basics Construction Set is an easy and convenient way to stock up the art room, resource whole school activities and STEAM projects and inspire young creative minds!

    Kit Components:

    • #89270 4 x Masking Tape 50m x 18mm
    • #91090 1 x Supertac Glue 550ml
    • #89907 2 x Cardboard Cones Large 18cm x 10pcs
    • #89750 1 x Corrugated Natural Card Asst A4 20pcs
    • #91202 1 x Popsticks Natural 1000pcs
    • #91201 1 x Matchsticks Natural 5000pcs
    • #91307 2 x Kraft Paper Straws 250pcs
    • #91391 1 x Cardboard Cylinders 60pcs
    • #89876 1 x Cardboard Wheels 100pcs
    • #91214 1 x Chenille Stems Multicolour 30cm x 150pcs
    • #92292 1 x Paper & Wire Form-It 50m
    • #91192 6 x Wooden Coloured Dowels 30cmL x 10pcs
    • #91449 2 x Construction Foam A3 Sheets 10pcs
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  19. Ceramic White Mugs 12pcs
    Ceramic White Mugs 12pcs
    Product Code: 88918
    Price $40.59 $36.90

    These plain white coffee mugs are ideal for painting with glass or porcelain paints. Don’t forget to bake in a domestic oven to make the mugs washable. Tip: Always leave lip line free of decoration if mugs are to be used for consumption of liquid. Please note these mugs are smaller than adult size. Each mug measures 7.5cm diameter and 8cmH.

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  20. Ceramic Plates 15.5cm diam 6pcs
    Ceramic Plates 15.5cm diam 6pcs
    Product Code: 88917
    Price $26.29 $23.90

    Ideal memento to be decorated with porcelain markers or paints. Six white ceramic plates each measuring 15.5cm in diameter.

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  21. Wooden Parts Play Pack 1310pcs
    Wooden Parts Play Pack 1310pcs
    Product Code: 99515
    Save 15%
    Regular Price $113.52 Special Price $96.25 $87.50

    Large all timber set with 1310 interesting pieces in both natural and colour finish. Use for imaginitive, sensory, open ended and manipulative play.

    Kit Components:

    • #36226 1x Wooden Coloured Beads (approx 480pcs)
    • #91191 1 x Coloured Wooden Dowel Rods 60pcs
    • #91382 1 x Construct 'n' Play Natural 270pcs
    • #36227 1 x Threading Beads & Reels (approx 500pcs)
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  22. Wind-Up Mechanisms Modelling Kit
    Wind-Up Mechanisms Modelling Kit
    Product Code: 96612
    Save 26%
    Regular Price $250.91 Special Price $186.89 $169.90

    Excite and engage you students by adding movement to their modelled characters with this Wind-Up Mechanisms Kit!  Inside your you’ll find everything your class needs to create modelled creations that GO…and GLOW!

    The Wind-up Mechanisms are a novel armature base designed for Modelling Foam and Magiclay. Build these clean and lightweight air-drying modelling clays around the mechanism (do not cover base). Press the Glow in the Dark Joggle Eyes into the wet clay if creating a creature. Allow to dry. Then wind it up and watch it GO!

    Perfect for STEAM, modelling projects, fundraising events, themed activities and when you want to add some fun to your lessons!

    Included in this kit: 30 Wind-Up Mechanisms (15 walking and 15 running); 1 x Magiclay Candy Colours 240g (20g x 12 assorted colours); 1 x Metallic Modelling Foam (20g x 12 assorted colours); and 100 Glow in the Dark Joggle Eyes.

    Kit Components:

    • #91792 3 x Paper Magiclay Candy Colours 12pcs
    • #91799 2 x Modelling Foam Set Assorted 12pcs
    • #89978 3 x Wind Up Mechanisms 10pcs
    • #91395 1 x Glow in the Dark Joggle Eyes 100pcs
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  23. Easy Display Kit
    Easy Display Kit
    Product Code: 96594
    Save 10%
    Regular Price $163.02 Special Price $146.19 $132.90

    Mount artwork swiftly and easily with this economical and all in one Easy Display Kit! This kit takes away the hassle and reduces the time that’s required to mount artwork. Best of all everything you need is included to achieve a professional finish. This kit includes quality window mounts that suit both A3 and A5 artwork, a reel of double sided tape for easy mounting, and hook and loop fastener dots for quick and easy wall hanging. Window mounts are double-sided in white and black which provides greater flexibility when mounting. Kit can be used to mount up to 60 works.

    Kit Components:

    • #89871 3 x Pre-Cut Mounts A3 Black & White 10pcs
    • #89869 3 x Pre-Cut Mounts A5 Black & White 10pcs
    • #89264 2 x Double-Sided Tape 50m
    • #91871 1 x Adhesive Hook and Loop Fastener Dots 75pcs
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  24. Getting Started With Wire Kit
    Getting Started With Wire Kit
    Product Code: 96804
    Save 15%
    Regular Price $229.02 Special Price $194.59 $176.90

    Getting Started with Wire Kit  is the perfect kit to start your next classroom wire activity. The kit covers a good range of wire construction and sculpting needs from armature structures to decorative wire embellishment. Use alone or to supplement an existing project.

    In the kit is Florist Wire 1kg Rainbow – a thin multicolour decorative wire great for joining; Armature Wire 1.5mm 175m – clean and mailable aluminium wire excellent for wire structures; Armature Wire Flat 12m Asst – flat silver stripping great for structures and decorative bands; Creative Soft Wire 60m Asst – a handy assortment of coloured wire in different gauges; Jewellery Plier Set 3 pairs – three clamp types for manipulating wire and small sized perfect for little hands.

    Kit Components:

    • #92300 2 x Florist Wire Rainbow 1kg
    • #92303 1 x Armature Wire 1.5mm x 175m
    • #92310 1 x Creative Soft Wire Jumbo Pack 60m
    • #92299 1 x Jewellery Plier Set 3pcs
    • #92304 1 x Armature Wire Silver Flat 50m
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  25. Deco Mosaic Craft Coasters Kit
    Deco Mosaic Craft Coasters Kit
    Product Code: 96604
    Save 15%
    Regular Price $165.11 Special Price $140.25 $127.50

    Create colourful and eye-catching mosaic coasters with this all in one Deco Mosaic Craft Kit! This fun and colourful project is fun, easy, mess and fuss free! Students of all ages will achieve outstanding results. Creating mosaics is a wonderful way to stimulate imagination, explore pattern and colour, and develop motor skills.

    The kit’s quality resin tiles are an assortment four finishes- opaque, frost, clear and glossy, and produce glass-like effects. Best of all they are light weight and are specifically designed for use in art and craft applications.

    How to use this kit: Lay down a thin and even layer of White Magiclay onto a Cardboard Coaster. Assemble the tiles together to create an image or a pattern. Press tiles into the bed of Magiclay leaving a 1mm-2mm gap between tiles. The Magiclay will both hold (glue) the tiles in place and will fill gaps between the tiles (grout). Set aside and allow Magiclay to dry.

    This Deco Mosaic Craft Kit includes: 1 x Deco Mosaic Tiles 150g in Warm Colours (yellows, oranges, pinks and reds); 1 x Deco Mosaic Tiles 150g in Cool Colours (purples, blues and greens); 2 x Paper Magiclay 240g White; and 30 Cardboard Coasters.

    Kit Components:

    • #91793 2 x Paper Magiclay 40g White 6pcs
    • #92950 3 x Deco Mosaic Tiles Cool Colours 150g
    • #92951 3 x Deco Mosaic Tiles Warm Colours 150g
    • #89872 1 x Cardboard Coasters 30pcs
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