Walk with the dinosaurs with these beautifully represented collections of prehistoric replicas. Buy sets and save.


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  1. Giant Dinosaurs 12pcs
    Giant Dinosaurs 12pcs
    Product Code: 98031
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    Regular Price $394.68 Special Price $315.59 $286.90
    These huge dinosaur replicas have amazing detail. Twelve different dinosaurs measuring between 42cm and 56cm long. Be scared! Learn More
  2. Ice Age Animals 10pcs
    Ice Age Animals 10pcs
    Product Code: 60336
    Price $18.59 $16.90

    Explore the wonders of the Ice Age with this assortment of durable, high quality replicas. Children will have hours of learning. Animals measure between 5.5cm and 8cm in length.

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  3. Small Dinosaurs 18pcs
    Small Dinosaurs 18pcs
    Product Code: 60335
    Price $18.59 $16.90

    These dinosaur replicas are perfect for imaginative play, school diorama projects and educational fun. Includes 18 realistic dinosaurs measuring between 6cm and 7cm in length.

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  4. Large Dinosaurs 12pcs
    Large Dinosaurs 12pcs
    Product Code: 98034
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    Regular Price $118.14 Special Price $94.49 $85.90
    Walk with the dinosaurs with this beautifully represented collection of large reptiles. Dinosaurs measure between 25cm and 33cm L. Learn More
  5. Dinosaurs Medium 12pcs
    Dinosaurs Medium 12pcs
    Product Code: 98035
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    Regular Price $52.69 Special Price $41.69 $37.90
    Twelve bright and durable dinosaurs measuring approximately 16cm in length. Colour and variety may vary. Learn More

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