It's never too early to get your children exploring rhythm. Browse our drums, tambourines and cymbals below.

Drums, Tamborines and Cymbals

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  1. Hand Cymbals Pair 15cm Diam
    Hand Cymbals Pair 15cm Diam
    Product Code: 30031
    Price $21.89 $19.90

    Beautiful brassy hand cymbals. Each cymbal measures 15cm in diameter.

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  2. Wooden Headless Tambourine 23cm
    Wooden Headless Tambourine 23cm
    Product Code: 30023
    Price $17.49 $15.90

    This hand percussion instrument is a 23cm diameter wooden headless tambourine that has 6-double rows of jingles, and has a natural wooden finish. Enjoy making beautiful music with percussion.

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  3. Papier Mache Drums on Handles 10pcs
    Papier Mache Drums on Handles 10pcs
    Product Code: 89107
    Price $35.75 $32.50

    Each drum has two beads on strings. Twist the handle back and forth to create the percussive sound. Decorate with paint or collage.

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  4. PlayMe Percussion Table
    PlayMe Percussion Table
    Product Code: 30010
    Price $384.89 $349.90
    Got the music in you? This stunning high-quality beech percussionist's set combines the development of motor skills, co-ordination with the richness of drum rhythms. Children are naturally attracted to the sounds of percussion and this wonderful drum kit, with each of its tuned instruments, delivers beautiful sounds for the budding percussionists in your class. The set includes an octave of suspended tubular bells, two deep, tuned drums with only the drum heads showing above the tabletop, two tuned tone blocks, a brass cymbal and two wooden percussion sticks. Measures when assembled 58cmH x 48L x 24cmW. Learn More
  5. Hand Cymbals Pair 6.5cm
    Hand Cymbals Pair 6.5cm
    Product Code: 30032
    Price $11.99 $10.90

    Beautiful brassy hand cymbals with elastics. Each cymbal measures 6.5cm in diameter.

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  6. Finger Cymbals Brass 4pcs
    Finger Cymbals Brass 4pcs
    Product Code: 30030
    Price $18.59 $16.90
    Four brass cymbals with elastic finger grips each with a diameter of 5.5cm. Very pleasing sound. Learn More
  7. Medium Tambourine 20cm
    Medium Tambourine 20cm
    Product Code: 30029
    Price $18.15 $16.50
    Wooden tambourine with synthetic head measuring 20cm in diameter. Learn More
  8. Tuneable Tambour
    Tuneable Tambour
    Product Code: 30049
    Price $39.49 $35.90
    Wooden tambour with an adjustable tuning head. Measures 27cm in diameter. Learn More
  9. Toggle Drum
    Toggle Drum
    Product Code: 30061
    Price $15.29 $13.90
    Use a twist action to make this drum work. Learn More
  10. Drum with Beaters
    Drum with Beaters
    Product Code: 30055
    Price $29.59 $26.90
    Mellow sounding drum measuring 20cm in diameter. Learn More

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