Group Sand and Waterplay Sets

Large sets of tools for the sandpit and water tray for groups of children. Buy these large group sets and save.

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  1. Sand and Waterplay Classroom Set 30pcs
    Sand and Waterplay Classroom Set 30pcs
    Product Code: 75077
    Price $109.89 $99.90

    Our sandplay tools are designed especially for children's small hands. Made of high impact plastic for long life use, this set is perfect for the sandpit environment. Set consists of 30 components.

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  2. Large Sand & Water Playset 61pcs
    Large Sand & Water Playset 61pcs
    Product Code: 96917
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    Regular Price $278.08 Special Price $208.56 $189.60
    Get ready for summer with this comprehensive set of sand and water play accessories. Includes 4 large 17cm Danish coloured buckets with matching round sieves, 4 transparent 13cm Danish buckets, 3 watering cans, 12 transport sand moulds, 3 iconic building sand moulds, 4 double sand and water wheels, 4 round scoops, 4 small spades, 4 half scoops, 4 small rakes, 3 large rakes, 3 medium Tuff Tuff spades and 5 cute rubber duckies. Learn More
  3. Water Play Set 27pcs
    Water Play Set 27pcs
    Product Code: 75075
    Price $109.89 $99.90
    Fabulous pack of fun water play tools including buckets, jugs, boats, cups, stacking moulds with water holes, hoses, funnels, pipettes, a spray, a pump and a sand and water wheel. Learn More

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