Strategy Games

Strategy Games
Strategy games encourage children's concentration, critical thinking skills, problem solving and strategic planning. Put their brains to work and buy these fun, logic and mind-challenging games. Shop the range below.

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  1. Quoridor Game
    Quoridor Game
    Product Code: 50689
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    This abstract strategy game is surprisingly deep for its simple rules. The object of the game is to advance your pawn to the opposite edge of the board. On your turn you may either move your pawn or place a wall. You may hinder your opponent with wall placement, but not completely block him off. Meanwhile, he is trying to do the same to you. The first pawn to reach the opposite side wins. Mensa award winner. Ages 8yrs+.

    Learn More
  2. Army of Frogs
    Army of Frogs
    Product Code: 50674
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    Army of Frogs is a strategy game that will drive you hopping mad. Strategically place your frog stones and hop over other frogs, aiming to connect all of the frogs of your own colour while preventing your opponents from doing the same. Ages 7yrs+. Learn More
  3. Gopher It!
    Gopher It!
    Product Code: 50665
    Price $25.85 $23.50
    Players try to collect exactly six apples or exactly six carrots or exactly six nuts and place them face up for safe storage. This is done by flipping over cards during a turn and deciding to keep what has been flipped or continuing to try to get more. But players should not get too greedy, because if they flip over the same type of food twice in row, then they lose all of the cards that they have previously collected on that turn. At any time, a player can choose to stop flipping over cards, in order to not risk losing what they have collected. However, players must stop after flipping over a maximum of 4 cards. 5yrs+. Learn More
  4. Classic Games Chess
    Classic Games Chess
    Product Code: 50936
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    Includes a standard 30cm chess board and a complete set of 32 chessmen. Ages 7 +. Learn More
  5. Game House 10 in 1
    Game House 10 in 1
    Product Code: 50937
    Price $52.69 $47.90
    The wooden board games are housed in the convenient wooden storage unit. The double-sided game trays include Mancala, Backgammon, Tic Tac Toe, Chess, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Pass Out, Solitaire, Parcheesi and Snakes and Ladders. All accessories required for play included. Storage unit measures 33cm x 33cm x 15cm. Ages 6+. Learn More
  6. Ringgz
    Product Code: 50679
    Price $54.45 $49.50
    In this exciting strategy game, players challenge each other to win the most territories using colourful wooden rings. Find the right balance between gaining majorities and controlling your opponents to capture victory. Wooden base. Ages 8+. Learn More
  7. Bugs In A Row Game
    Bugs In A Row Game
    Product Code: 50648
    Price $50.49 $45.90
    Classic Tic Tac Toe game made of screen-printed timber. Perfect for beginner gamers. Board measures 30cm x 30cm. Learn More
  8. Cogno Deep Worlds Game
    Cogno Deep Worlds Game
    Product Code: 69936
    Price $50.05 $45.50
    Slightly more challenging questions than Alien Adventure and still about space and the universe. Requires strategy, thinking and a little luck. Ages 7+. Learn More
  9. Cogno The Alien Adventure Game
    Cogno The Alien Adventure Game
    Product Code: 69935
    Price $50.05 $45.50
    Combines imaginative space exploration with real science. Use strategy and wits to survive ever changing planets, a black hole and even a parallel universe. Ages 7+. Learn More
  10. Mother Sheep
    Mother Sheep
    Product Code: 50169
    Price $40.15 $36.50
    Each player has a list of five lost sheep they must fence in to return to the mother sheep and only certain types of fencing with which to do it. Great strategy game. Ages 8+. Learn More
  11. Zotto Word Squares
    Zotto Word Squares
    Product Code: 25206
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    Regular Price $42.35 Special Price $31.35 $28.50
    Exceptionally challenging word game of chance and strategy. The object of the game is to make as many words with the highest point value as possible among the random popped letters. Helps children build their confidence, increase their vocabulary and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Ages 8yrs+. Learn More
  12. Zippy
    Product Code: 50753
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    Regular Price $13.75 Special Price $10.89 $9.90
    Only the quickest minds will survive this fast paced, brain-busting strategy dice game! Roll the dice and combine them to make the target number, using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Ages 8+. Learn More
  13. Catz, Batz and Ratz
    Catz, Batz and Ratz
    Product Code: 50750
    Price $13.75 $12.50
    The animals are on the loose in this exciting strategy dice game! Throw the nine dice, then decide which to keep and which to re-roll. CATZ are good, RATZ are bad and BATZ... well, that depends. Ages 8+. Learn More
  14. Tumble Tower 48pcs
    Tumble Tower 48pcs
    Product Code: 40191
    Price $24.09 $21.90
    The aim of the game is to stack 3 wooden blocks per row and try to remove a block from each row and then place it on top of the precariously unstable tower. Each wooden block is made of clean-cut, clear pine and measures 7.5cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm. Learn More
  15. Classic Games Pack - Seven Games
    Classic Games Pack - Seven Games
    Product Code: 50938
    Price $37.29 $33.90
    Contains Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Chess, Draughts, Chinese Checkers, Wolf & Goats and Fox & Cheese. There are four durable boards, 10 pawns, chess pieces, draughts pieces, two die and complete instructions. Learn More
  16. Humpty Dumpty's Wall Game
    Humpty Dumpty's Wall Game
    Product Code: 50768
    Price $21.89 $19.90
    Take turns to push out the bricks. The player who makes Humpty Dumpty fall is the loser. The game includes the base and wall frames, 44 bricks, 2 trowels and the Humpty figure. Game wall measures 27cm x 27cm when assembled. Ages 5+. Learn More
  17. Geobingo Game
    Geobingo Game
    Product Code: 50555
    Price $36.19 $32.90
    Make geography fun with this twist on the classic bingo game. The goal is to get 5 countries in a row in any direction. Includes 8 bingo boards, 50 country cards and wooden bingo chips. Boards measure 27cm x 20cm. Learn More
  18. Eclipse
    Product Code: 50702
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    Regular Price $60.39 Special Price $41.69 $37.90
    This quality wooden game develops concentration, memory, observation, spatial awareness and strategy in an interesting, challenging and unique way. For two players ages 8+. Learn More
  19. Stormy Seas
    Stormy Seas
    Product Code: 50771
    Price $54.89 $49.90
    A game of balance and strategy. This boat is ready to be loaded. The cargo must be balanced equally on the deck because if the seas become rough the goods can go overboard. Includes 25 game pieces and instructions. Ages 3+. Learn More
  20. Akumulate
    Product Code: 50401
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    Regular Price $65.89 Special Price $42.79 $38.90
    A fun family strategy game like 'Scrabble' with numbers that requires spatial and numerical thinking. Add, multiply and cube while moving around the board. Try to be the first player to reach the outer spaces on the game board in order to take advantage of the bonus squares. The player that Akumulates the highest score wins! Ages 10yrs+. Learn More
  21. Rat-a-Tat-Cat
    Product Code: 50667
    Price $27.39 $24.90
    A fun numbers game of suspense, strategy and anticipation. Develop timing and basic math concepts, strategy and memory building. 2-6 players. Ages 6+. Learn More
  22. Children's Chess
    Children's Chess
    Product Code: 50935
    Price $21.95 $19.95
    Unique game board shows the movements of the pieces and comes with an illustrated booklet. Board measures 45cm x 30cm, folds in half and has a wipeable surface. Playing pieces are hollow plastic. Ages 7+. Learn More
  23. Monkey Memory
    Monkey Memory
    Product Code: 50057
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    Regular Price $26.29 Special Price $17.05 $15.50
    A quick-thinking logical memory game. If you can remember what's missing you earn a point. 50 playing cards and instructions included. Ages 5+. Learn More
  24. Villa Paletti
    Villa Paletti
    Product Code: 50770
    Price $68.97 $62.70
    A heart-pounding , hilarious game of construction chaos. To start, build a one story villa, then with exactly the same materials, try to build a five story villa. The building will fall - just make sure you're not the one to topple it. Ages 6+. Learn More
  25. Spy Alley Junior
    Spy Alley Junior
    Product Code: 50694
    Price $46.09 $41.90
    The hidden identity guessing game. A fast-paced game where if you can guess your opponent's identity, they are out of the game. Ages 6-12 years. Learn More

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