Association and Matching Games

Association and Matching Games
Delectable association and matching games to assist with visual discrimination, logic, concentration and decision making skills. Buy these games and engage children in the creativity aspects of intellectual functioning.

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  1. 5 Senses Lotto Game
    5 Senses Lotto Game
    Product Code: 50545
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    A classic lotto game teaching how we use each of our 5 senses. Includes 4 game boards and 24 matchiing cards. Develops the ability to differentiate and match cards to boards illustrating how we use each of our 5 senses. Complete game play instructions included and instructions how to play a game of concentration as well. For ages 3-6yrs.

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  2. Hot and Cold Game
    Hot and Cold Game
    Product Code: 50160
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    Cold, warmer, hot, burning! Discover the objects by following the hints and win! Includes a 4 part game board and 61 round game cards and complete instructions on how to play. Hide a picture card on the board, move your player pawn towards the target according to the hints given, reach the target and win the round. There are alternative ways to play the game including non competitive play. Suits players 4-8yrs.

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  3. Sorting Game in Wooden Box
    Sorting Game in Wooden Box
    Product Code: 50151
    Price $32.89 $29.90

    This all timber screen printed sorting and colour matching game has 36 chunky tiles depicting a variety of 6 objects each with 6 different colours. Comes packed in a wooden box with sliding lid. Ages 3 yrs+.

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  4. Learning is Fun Game
    Learning is Fun Game
    Product Code: 50131
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    A fun introduction to colours, shapes and basic number concepts, this entertaining matching game contains 21 pairs of 2 piece puzzles. Sturdy, easy to handle, easy to recognise colourful pieces. Ages 3+.

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  5. Small Medium Large Game
    Small Medium Large Game
    Product Code: 50050
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    Twelve 3 piece self correcting cards matching images from small to medium to large. Which is bigger, which is smaller? Ages 2-5

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  6. Where Do I Belong? Game
    Where Do I Belong? Game
    Product Code: 50047
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    Two exciting matching games for preschoolers teaching the relationship between animals and their habitats. Ages 4 yrs+.

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  7. Flying Monsters Game
    Flying Monsters Game
    Product Code: 50970
    Price $42.79 $38.90
    Send your monster flying! Win the game by jumping your monsters into the right boxes. Be wary of the central box as this is out of bounds. If your monster fly’s into this box, they are out of the game! Encourages the development of visual perception, fine motor control, resilience, turn taking and concentration. Made of wood. Board measures 25cm diameter. Learn More
  8. Find the Fish Game
    Find the Fish Game
    Product Code: 50153
    Price $65.89 $59.90
    Roll the three jumbo dice. Who will be the first one to find the fish in the right shape, colour and pattern that is pictured on the card? If the game is too difficult, play the game by only using the cards. This game can be played in different ways and will never get boring! This game requires logical insight which makes this game very educational. Made of timber. The fishes measure 4cm diameter, the cards 7.5cm x 5.5cm and the dice 5cm x 5cm. Learn More
  9. Aboriginal Art Memory Discs Game 16pcs
    Aboriginal Art Memory Discs Game 16pcs
    Product Code: 50585
    Price $29.15 $26.50
    A great resource for assisting memory development, observational skills as well as pattern spotting and being aware for diverse art styles. Includes 16 memory tokens each measuring 2.5cm diameter. Learn More
  10. Numbers Memory Discs 20pcs
    Numbers Memory Discs 20pcs
    Product Code: 50582
    Price $47.85 $43.50
    Improve number and colour recognition. these beautiful wood discs are screen printed for durability. Made of beech wood. Each disc measures 5cm diameter. Learn More
  11. Shapes Memory Discs 14pcs
    Shapes Memory Discs 14pcs
    Product Code: 50580
    Price $43.89 $39.90
    Improve shapes and colour recognition while using and learning logic and concentration to play matching pairs. These beautiful wood discs are screen printed for durability. Made of beech wood. Each disc measures 5cm diameter. Learn More
  12. Safety Signs Memory Game
    Safety Signs Memory Game
    Product Code: 50579
    Price $98.89 $89.90
    Engage children in discussions about road safety and nurture a child's knowledge and understanding about road signs. A fun matching game that will reinforce messages about road safety. Includes 18 timber cards. Learn More
  13. Healthy Food/Sometimes Food Sorting Game
    Healthy Food/Sometimes Food Sorting Game
    Product Code: 50577
    Price $131.89 $119.90
    Let's sort through the food and decide which is healthy food and which is sometimes food. With 24 matching food cards, first you can find the matching pairs with your memory skills, and then decide whether to place your food cards in the healthy food basket or sometimes food basket . Measures 21cmH x 11cmW x 9cmD. Learn More
  14. Bean Bag Recycling Game
    Bean Bag Recycling Game
    Product Code: 50575
    Price $263.89 $239.90
    Children will learn about sustainable practice in an exciting and challenging way. For 2-4 players. Toss the correct bean bag in the right bin and check that you got it right. How's your memory? Once you've played that game, turn all 24 bean bags face down for a fun memory game . Includes 24 bean bags and a large wooden recycling bin. Measures 40cmH x 60cmW x 10cmD. Learn More
  15. Animal Shadows Game 36pcs
    Animal Shadows Game 36pcs
    Product Code: 50152
    Price $21.89 $19.90
    This wooden animal matching game lets children explore shapes and matching through this fun activity. Have the children guess the names of the animals from their silhouettes and match together. Set includes 32 timber animal pieces and 4 boards. Ages 3yrs+. Learn More
  16. Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set 48pcs
    Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set 48pcs
    Product Code: 35151
    Price $65.89 $59.90
    Children will have much fun with this construction, early mathematics and manipulative set. Ideal for developing fine motor skills, for counting, sorting and creative design. Set includes 48 pebbles in 4 sizes and 6 colors, and 12 x 2-sided A4 activity cards. Pebbles measure 3cm - 9cm. Learn More
  17. Rainbow Pebbles 36pcs
    Rainbow Pebbles 36pcs
    Product Code: 35150
    Price $65.89 $59.90
    Children will have much fun with this construction, early mathematics and manipulative set. Ideal for developing fine motor skills, and for counting, sorting and creative design. Set includes 36 pebbles in 6 sizes and 6 colors, and 20 activity cards. Pebbles measure3cm - 9cm. Comes in a sturdy plastic container. Learn More
  18. The Symbols Game
    The Symbols Game
    Product Code: 50541
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    A new indigenous game designed and produced in Australia. Collect the symbols cards as you follow the walking track back to the main camp. Learn to recognise common Aboriginal art symbols as you play! Simple and easy to play for 2 players, ages 4 -8 years. Game includes a hand painted felt playing board that turns into a storage pouch for the playing stones, hand painted playing stones, 2 sets of symbols cards, instruction and information card, illustrated dice and an Aboriginal art designed fabric storage bag. Learn More
  19. Answer Buzzers With Animal Sounds
    Answer Buzzers With Animal Sounds
    Product Code: 50554
    Price $48.29 $43.90
    Do you have the answer? Then buzz in! These answer buzzers are great for any class or game activity. A set of four buzzers, each with different animal sounds: cow, dog, horse and chicken. The fun sounds the buzzers emit engage children in social interaction, and can be used as communication and attention-grabbing aids. Requires 2 x AA batteries, not included. Each buzzer measures 9cm in diameter. Learn More
  20. Turtle Trot Game
    Turtle Trot Game
    Product Code: 50505
    Price $26.29 $23.90
    Take turns to trot around the game mat collecting cards as you go! Any card that is a correct match for your lotto board may be kept... if it does not match, return it to the bottom of the card pack. Who will be the first to complete their board? Turtle Trot contains two exciting lotto games for four players and includes a wipe clean mat measuring 33.5cm x 50cm, 52 laminated answer cards, 4 x double-sided laminated lotto boards (33.5cm x 25cm) dice and movers. Learn More
  21. All-in-1 Learning Centre
    All-in-1 Learning Centre
    Product Code: 51050
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    The All-in-1 Learning Centre has 3 sets of interactive learning materials each with its own teaching manual included. Set 1.. children learn about time concepts, long and short, routines, hours and minutes. Set 2 involves observation, body movements, expressions, spatial awareness, large and small, counting, colour matching and more. Set 3.. children use the geo blocks to match colours and shapes. For ages 3-5 years. Learn More
  22. Flags and Countries Memory Game
    Flags and Countries Memory Game
    Product Code: 50066
    Price $64.79 $58.90
    With this wooden world game, you will get to know all national flags. Lay down every piece face down in a square. Flip over two cards. Are they the same? A game to encourage patience, turn taking, concentration and memory function. Includes 15 pairs (30 cards) in a storage bag. Made of wood. Each card measures 20cmH x 20cmW. Learn More
  23. Ice Cream Matching Game
    Ice Cream Matching Game
    Product Code: 50059
    Price $42.35 $38.50
    Take a card and pile up the different flavours to create the ice cream shown on the card. The first person who makes the ice cream, without dropping the flavours, wins the game. Includes 22 flavoured ice cream scoops, 2 ice cream cups, 30 workcards. Made of wood. Cups measure 6cmH x 9cmW x 1.5cmD. Learn More
  24. Sound Matching Prism Set 12pcs
    Sound Matching Prism Set 12pcs
    Product Code: 30013
    Price $76.89 $69.90
    Beautiful hardwood triangular prisms which make different sounds when shaken. Listen and match the six pairs of sounds, which self correct by the colour-coded note symbol on each prism. Learn More
  25. Colour Cars Dominoes
    Colour Cars Dominoes
    Product Code: 50647
    Price $59.29 $53.90
    Colour Cars Dominoes takes the traditional dominoes game format and doubles up the uses by providing colour and counting options. Suitable for 2 to 4 players. Contains 28 dominoes each measuring 7.5cm x 10cm. Learn More

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