Hoops, Ropes and Sacks

Hoops, Ropes and Sacks

Hoops, skipping ropes and jumping sacks are ideal for active play and are central to coordination, balance skills and core strength. Hoops can be use in a multitude of ways, like obstacle courses and jumping grids, although hula is a great aerobic workout! Jumping sacks also provide an excellent workout for many muscle groups. Hoops and skipping ropes are an essential purchase for the playground.. browse now.

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  1. Plastic Hoop 75cm

    Plastic Hoop 75cm

    Product Code: 11967
    Excl. GST: $16.90 Incl. GST: $18.59

  2. Plastic Hoop 63cm

    Plastic Hoop 63cm

    Product Code: 11968
    Excl. GST: $16.90 Incl. GST: $18.59

  3. Jumping Sacks 4pcs

    Jumping Sacks 4pcs

    Product Code: 11966
    Excl. GST: $79.90 Incl. GST: $87.89

  4. Running Circuit Set 38pcs

    Running Circuit Set 38pcs

    Product Code: 96995
    Excl. GST: $129.90 Incl. GST: $142.89

  5. Skippy Allsorts Long 4.5m

    Skippy Allsorts Long 4.5m

    Product Code: 11976
    Excl. GST: $9.80 Incl. GST: $10.78

  6. Skippy Allsorts Skipping Rope 2.5m
    Excl. GST: $7.80 Incl. GST: $8.58

  7. Solid Hoop 50cm

    Solid Hoop 50cm

    Product Code: 11969
    Excl. GST: $14.90 Incl. GST: $16.39

  8. Hoops and Ropes Set With Trolley 70pcs
    Excl. GST: $495.90 Incl. GST: $545.49

8 Item(s)

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