Hoops, Ropes and Sacks

Hoops, skipping ropes and jumping sacks are ideal for active play and are central to coordination and balance skills and core strength. Hoops can be use in a multitude of ways, like obstacle courses, field markers and jumping grids, although hula is a great aerobic workout! Skipping ropes and jumping sacks also provide an excellent workout for many muscle groups.

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  1. Plastic Hoop 75cm

    Plastic Hoop 75cm

    Product Code: 11967
    Excl. GST: $16.90 Incl. GST: $18.59

  2. Plastic Hoop 63cm

    Plastic Hoop 63cm

    Product Code: 11968
    Excl. GST: $16.90 Incl. GST: $18.59

  3. Jumping Sacks 4pcs

    Jumping Sacks 4pcs

    Product Code: 11966
    Excl. GST: $79.90 Incl. GST: $87.89

  4. Running Circuit Set 38pcs

    Running Circuit Set 38pcs

    Product Code: 96995
    Excl. GST: $129.90 Incl. GST: $142.89

  5. Skippy Allsorts Long

    Skippy Allsorts Long

    Product Code: 11976
    Excl. GST: $9.80 Incl. GST: $10.78

  6. Skippy Allsorts Skipping Rope 2.5m
    Excl. GST: $7.80 Incl. GST: $8.58

  7. Solid Hoop 50cm

    Solid Hoop 50cm

    Product Code: 11969
    Excl. GST: $14.90 Incl. GST: $16.39

  8. Hoops and Ropes Set With Trolley 70pcs
    Excl. GST: $495.90 Incl. GST: $545.49

8 Item(s)

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